Liza Hanim

Liza Hanim (born Haliza Hanim Abd Halim on November 19, 1979 in the royal city of Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia) is a Malay singer, entrepreneur and actress from Malaysia.

She is now married with Mohd Shahrin Mohd Samsudin and they have a daughter named Marsya Qistina and Marsya Qaireen. She graduated from the Sunway College with Diploma in Business Management.

She is known for her high vocal range and was once compared to Siti Nurhaliza for having a similar tone when she debuted in 1997 under the Suria Records Company.

In theatrical performances the P.Ramlee Musical made her appearance acknowledged once again with the personification of the late Saloma. Liza Hanim successfully brought the fashion identity of Saloma back to live.

Epilog (1997)
Di Manakan Ku Cari Ganti (1998)
Puteri Jelmaan (1999)
Istimewa (2000)
Isyarat Jiwa (2001)
Ku Teruskan (2002)
Imagin (2007)

KL Menjerit
Laila Isabella

P.Ramlee the Musical

1st Runner-up Golden Teen Search (1994)
Winner of Bintang Penghibur HMI (1999)
Best Vocal Award in Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-17.

Song lyric Nilai Cintamu NILAI CINTAMU Liza Hanim
Song lyric Kerana Terlalu Menyintaimu KERANA TERLALU MENYINTAIMU Liza Hanim
Song lyric Biarkan Aku Merinduimu BIARKAN AKU MERINDUIMU Liza Hanim
Song lyric Gelisah Mimpi GELISAH MIMPI Liza Hanim
Song lyric Getaran Cinta Dijiwa GETARAN CINTA DIJIWA Liza Hanim
Song lyric Kesepian KESEPIAN Liza Hanim
Song lyric Ku Idamkan Rindu KU IDAMKAN RINDU Liza Hanim
Song lyric Siapa Sangka Siapa Menduga SIAPA SANGKA SIAPA MENDUGA Liza Hanim
Song lyric Tirai Malam TIRAI MALAM Liza Hanim