There are at least 4 artists sharing the name of Lora:

[1] Singer and songwriter, Lora is one of the most talented and apreciated artists from Romania at this moment. She was born in Vaslui, a small town but spent most of her childhood at the country side.

She started singing as a backing vocalist in a rock band, then she made her own band named “FM” and soon after that she decided to participate at one of the biggest TV shows back then – “Star Factory”, where she made a very good impresion, coming in the second place.

After a successful participation at the show, her talent wasn’t ignored and started a pop band - Wassabi with other three girls. The colaboration ended after three years when Lora decided is time to do something on her own.

Adrian Sina, member of one of the most apreciated band in Romania - Akcent liked her voice so much that he proposed her to sing with them on their hit-single “That’s My Name”. Soon after that, another colaboration began between them and so, in late 2010 “My Passion” was released and it was a huge comercial success in Romania and not only.

Lora was signed recently to Sistehoodlive Records, the record label of Adrian and soon you will hear her new single as a solo artist.

[2] (Лора) A Bulgarian rock \ alternative band;

Lora was established in 1998. The band members are
Lora Dimitrova (vocals)
Yavor Dimitrov (guitar)
Yavko Genov (drums)
Krasimir Tenev (bass)
The band is most gamous for its first singles 'Raya' and 'Nova'.

In 2002 it was nominated for "The best rock band", "The best rock song" and "The best rock album" in Bulgaria.

Since November 2007 the band is renamed to Amoric and is situated in Dublin, Ireland.

[3] Lora (probably LORA or L O R A) is a Russian screamo band from Moscow.

[4] LORA is also an emo band from Italy.

Song lyric Arde ARDE Lora
Song lyric Bine Mersi BINE MERSI Lora
Song lyric Capul sus CAPUL SUS Lora
Song lyric Fara el FARA EL Lora
Song lyric Ne impotrivim NE IMPOTRIVIM Lora
Song lyric Puisor PUISOR Lora
Song lyric Puncte Puncte PUNCTE PUNCTE Lora
Song lyric Tu Și Ea TU ȘI EA Lora
Song lyric Un vis UN VIS Lora
Song lyric Valul VALUL Lora