There are four artists called Lunatic: a French Rap duo, a Metal Band from the US, a rock band from London, and a rock band from South Korea.

- Lunatic (FRANCE) Rap duo:
Lunatic est un groupe de rap français originaire du 92. Ses deux membres, Booba (Boulogne-Billancourt) et Ali (Issy-les-Moulineaux), apparaissent pour la première fois en 1996 sur le morceau "Le crime Paie" sorti sur la compilation Hostile hip hop. Les deux rappeurs y dressent un tableau sombre et imagé de la banlieue et de ses problèmes. Le crime paie, considéré comme un des morceaux forts du rap français, a contribué à la renommée du groupe. Le style de Lunatic est en place et se confirmera dans les sorties suivantes. En 1997, le morceau Les vrais savent sur la compilation L 432 montre le talent du groupe à créer une ambiance particulière.
Leur premier album Mauvais œil sort en 2000. Il signe de manière formelle un rap violent, mais non dénué de sensibilité ; la crudité se mélange à la mélancolie lyrique, le tout servi par une bonne production instrumentale : le succès est à la fois critique et public.
Le groupe se dissout en 2003.
Booba est révélé dans son premier album solo, Temps Mort. Ali sort son premier album solo Chaos et harmonie en 2006.
Le Black album de Lunatic, qui comprend des inédits, des lives et des premières versions de morceaux, est sorti en 2006 sous le label 45 scientific.
Des rumeurs font état d'une possible sortie du tout premier album réalisé par le groupe bien avant Mauvais Œil. Cet album, d'un niveau beaucoup moins élevé que Mauvais Œil, avait été produit par Zoxea. De même que le groupe préparait le second album, lors de sa dissolution.

- Lunatic (USA) Metal Band:

Lunatic was offically born in February of 1994, but originated in the fall of 1993 by Harry Wadley (guitar & vocals) and Andy Arenas (drums). Tired of jamming in trendy cover bands, they decided to start their own project. "We wanted to play our own material," says Harry, "something that people could really move to." After putting a few songs together on their 4 track, they decided to take it to a more serious level and added bassist Shawn Robbins, to complete the formation. The trio played many events throughout the summer as their following steadily grew. In just a short time Lunatic had established themselves as a hard working energetic band, and with the backing of their fans, supported Pro-Pain and M.O.D. in November 1994. This was the first of many national acts that Lunatic would share the stage with. They continued gaining regional support and playing shows through the winter. In March of 1995, they entered the studio and recorded their debut album "Empty Promises", officially releasing it June 10th. Besides selling over a thousand units, the band instantaneously promoted the album by sending it off to many magazines, radio stations, bands, and fans worldwide.

Taking some time off after parting ways with bassist Shawn Robbins, Lunatic recruited guitarist Jim Hicks and bassist Aaron Edwards. They immediately started writing new material for their second release, and in May of 1996, the band re-entered the studio and recorded their second album "Uncontrollable Hatred", once again totally financed by the band themselves. The reaction Lunatic recieved from the second album was incredible. Harry states, "We were getting floods of mail every week. Our merchandise was selling out at every show, opportunities just started knocking". Lunatic traveled to various cities throughout the states supporting the album and in the process sharing the stage with such national acts as Overkill, Screw, Kreator, Coal Chamber, Exodus, and Anthrax, to name a few. After parting ways with Aaron Edwards and recruiting ex-Chloroform bassist Jeff Howe, Lunatic has continued the promoting process even more vigorously.

In 1999 Lunatic started the year off with a bang by headlining many events, including winning a live performance contest in St. Louis, Mo., hosted by 104.1 FM Extreme radio. The bands were judged by performance, over all sound, stage presence and crowd reaction. Lunatic walked away with the prize, which included 30 free hours of studio time at St. Louis' newest world class studio, Four Seasons Media Productions, designed by Ross Berger. In April, Lunatic entered Four Seasons and recorded five new songs, yet untitled. The band will also be featured on Eclipse records July 2000 release Panther "a tribute to Pantera". Where bands such as Pissing Razors, The Step Kings, Ill Nino, Lunatic and many more will be covering past songs from the band Pantera. Lunatic has become a respected force in the industry and has proven that they're here for the long haul by striving through the lows and staying committed through the highs. Lunatics material is available in over thirty record stores as well as several distribution houses. Their songs are currently gracing the airwaves on various radio stations in over ten countries, including the United States, Asia, Turkey, Greece, Brazil, and several countries in Europe. The band has been in over forty magazines worldwide, and is currently receiving fan mail from around the globe.

Harry Wadley: guitar & vocals

Andy Arenas: drums

Jeff Howe: bass & vocals

Jim Hicks: guitar


"Empty Promises" (cassette only)
"Uncontrollable Hatred" (CD)

- London Rock Band

4 piece London based rock band.

Lately (2007)

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