This tag covers five bands:

1) Lune is the brainchild of Swedish singer and lyricist Linnéa Martinsson.

2) A northern Indiana alt folk band, Lune is the problem child project of Paul Beaudin, Chad Forbregd, Josh Meert, and Nathaniel South. They are loud, drunk, and heart felt. They don't play a lot of shows, but when they do, they pound out every chord, scream every lyric. Fueled by pain and whiskey, they twang and bang their way through life. Their new album "Don't Give Up The Ship" is available for free on bandcamp., and they can be found on Facebook at

3) The Korean female vocalist lune; her debut album features predominantly acoustic arrangements, with whispered melancholy lyrics and strong folk influences.

4) An Australian based grunge group hailing from Brisbane. The 3 piece came together in early 2010 and have since been developing a base in Brisbane and surrounds. Their 2 EP's are available free from

5) LUNE is a Japanese producer of gothic / electronic music and member of the circle D'va;;;;;;;;5.
His music is available on the circle's webpage as well as his muzie.

6) Lune is a Brazilian singer and cinnamon roll too pure too good for this world.

Song lyric gebe auf. GEBE AUF. Lune