lusine icl

LUSINE is the brainchild of Jeff McIlwain, and is the moniker for his visceral, melodic vision of abstract electronic music. Originally a Texas native, he now resides in Seattle. In 1998, he attended Calarts to study 20th century electronic music and sound design for music and film. Soon after, he met Shad Scott and put out a self titled release with Isophlux. Since then, he has been releasing his music on various labels including Ann Arbor's Ghostly International, Hymen, and U-Cover. His latest Inside/Out 12" showcases his more dancefloor oriented material, while, his 2004 critically acclaimed album, "Serial Hodgepodge" contained a balance of various musical styles. McIlwain has also contributed tracks to several labels including Mute, !K7, Carpark, Tigerbeat6 and Shitkatapult for various compilations and remix releases. He has performed around the US and abroad including his most recent Spectral Finlandia Vodka tour with Matthew Dear and Tadd Mullinix, and a set at London's esteemed Fabric nightclub. Lusine has a 12" EP, full length compilation/remix Double CD (Ghostly), and an ambient series CD EP (Hymen) on the way in 2005/2006.