DJ Manian (a.k.a. Manuel Reuter, born 1978 07 07 in Bonn, Germany, years active 2001-) - is a German based DJ and along with fellow country man Yanou and another german born but now UK based singer and frontlady Natalie Horler, make up the euro-dance act Cascada. Other succesful and worldwide known projects are R.I.O. (house project with Yanou and singer Neil Antone Dyer) and Spencer & Hill (with Manuel Schleis, a.k.a. Vengeance). As a solo artist, DJ Manian has had most success in his native Germany on Zooland Records. "Welcome to the Club" saw his first UK release on AATW records. He has produced a number of singles under various pseudonyms, and maintains a number of different musical projects, including Tune Up!, Bulldozzer, M.Y.C., Ampire, Liz Kay and Phalanx.

Song lyric Another Day ANOTHER DAY Manian
Song lyric Cinderella (feat. Maury) CINDERELLA (FEAT. MAURY) Manian
Song lyric Feel Fine FEEL FINE Manian
Song lyric Forever Young FOREVER YOUNG Manian
Song lyric Hands Up Forever HANDS UP FOREVER Manian
Song lyric I'm in Love With the DJ I'M IN LOVE WITH THE DJ Manian
Song lyric Loco LOCO Manian
Song lyric Odysee ODYSEE Manian
Song lyric Ravers Fantasy RAVERS FANTASY Manian
Song lyric Ravers in the UK RAVERS IN THE UK Manian
Song lyric Welcome to the Club WELCOME TO THE CLUB Manian