massar egbari

Massar Egbari (Arabic: مسار إجباري) is an Egyptian band from Alexandria, Egypt.

The band members created that sarcastic name for the band since they felt that the society is trying to imply its power over people starting from their childhood till the day they die. This social power wants to stereotype everything including the way we think and feel, leaving no space for creation and innovation.

Massar Egbari presents music and songs talking about our social problems. Love is not our main concern although it represents a part of our songs.

Through the members' different musical backgrounds, the band is presenting a kind of Alternative Egyptian Music, mixing rock, jazz and blues with some Oriental music.

-In October 2006 Shadi Abd El Azim joined the band. Shadi plays acoustic and electric guitar and sings as backing vocal.

Massar Egbari Awards :

-Massar Egbari won the Prize for The Best Band Performing Original Songs in Arabic in the The first International Occidental Music Competition held in Bibliotheca Alexandrina in 2006.

-Ayman Massoud won the prize for the Best Keyboard Player in the same competition.

-Massar Egbari also won a Special Award in Other Songs Contest 2005 organized by the Euromed Café. 104 songs from more than 20 Mediterranean countries participated in the contest and the band's song Kol El Khal' (written by: Salah Jaheen and composed by: Ayman Massoud) was selected to get a Special Recognition Award.

-Massar Egbari's song 'Taam el byout' (written by Abdel Rehim Mansour and composed by Ayman Massoud) won the same prize in the same competition in 2006.

Band Members

Hani El Dakkak : Guitar & Lead Vocal
Ayman Massoud : Keyboards
Ahmed Hafez : Bass guitar
Tamer Attallah : Drums
Mahmoud Siam:Guitar