Mayang Sari

Mayang Sari who has a full name Agustina Barry (born in Purwokerto, Central Java, August 23, 1971, age 39 years) is an Indonesian singer who is known by his song like "Harus Malam Ini" and "Tiada Lagi".
Besides singing, Mayang also have the ability sing songs of Java.
Blood art inherited from both parents. His father, Ki Dalang Purbocarito Sugito, is the mastermind while his mother, Larasatun, which has the nickname Nyi Woro Cengkir Gading is singer.

Song lyric Harus Malam Ini HARUS MALAM INI Mayang Sari
Song lyric Kau KAU Mayang Sari
Song lyric Ku Tak Baik-Baik Saja Tanpamu KU TAK BAIK-BAIK SAJA TANPAMU Mayang Sari
Song lyric Kusalah Menilai KUSALAH MENILAI Mayang Sari
Song lyric Tiada Lagi TIADA LAGI Mayang Sari