There is more than one Mi

Mi was a norwegian punk band. they released 2 songs on the compilation record "Rattus Norvegicus"

Mi is a Japanese rock band consisting of 3 girls: Maika as the vocalist, Aya on the keyboard and Yuri playing bass. They write and compose their own music. Some of their songs, including "君だけを…"(Kimi Dake Wo/ Only you...) and "Aishiteru," are featured in the anime series Bokura Ga Ita.

Mi is an old Croatian rock group from the sixties.

Song lyric Action Film ACTION FILM M.I
Song lyric Fast Money Fast Cars FAST MONEY FAST CARS M.I.
Song lyric Hustle HUSTLE M.I
Song lyric One Naira ONE NAIRA M.I
Song lyric Represent REPRESENT M.I
Song lyric Undisputed UNDISPUTED M.I
Song lyric サンセット サンセット Mi