Mick Jenkins

Jayson Jenkins, better known as Mick Jenkins (his stage name), is an American hip-hop recording artist born in Huntsville, Alabama on April 16th, 1991. He was then raised on the south side of Chicago. He is a member of Free Nation, a hip-hop group that promotes creative thought without accepting narrow views imposed by the powers that be. This group believes that when you find a way to combat the status quo, you are free.

At an early age, Jenkins’ mother introduced him to contemporary soul greats such as Prince, Erykah Badu, Sade and Jill Scott, thus promoting her son’s musical sensibility. The young artist was charmed by the emotions carried out in this musical genre and later found hip-hop music to be another effective vehicle for these same feelings due its lyrical richness. As he grew older, his passion for music developed into an ever-increasing rap talent. This led him to enter a rap competition called "Who got Bars"During his sophomore year at the University of Oakwood in Hunstille, Alabama. When he was awarded second place, the prospect of a career in hip-hop crossed his mind and the chemistry he had forged with FreeNation throughout the competition inspired him to take his lyrical persuasions seriously.

In the Fall of 2012, Mick returned to Chicago and began attending YCA (Young Chicago Authors) a youth center where his first acapella verse caught the attention of local artist and leader of Chicago’s Pivot Gang collective, Saba. Shortly after, the two collaborated on “Heaux” for Saba’s 2012 mixtapeGETCOMFORTable.

In the spring of 2013 Mick Released a mixtape entitled Trees and Truths. It quickly became a local favorite, buoyed by acid jazz-influenced production, biblical allegory and lacerating lyricism. The project was by far his most lyrical body of work and caught the attention of Chicago’s incipient gatekeepers. A few months after its release, a collaboration with Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa came in the form of a single entitled “Crossroads”, which was a summer hit.

In 2014, Mick recieved a lot of attention after the release of his single/ Visual "Martyrs". This song juxtaposes harsh truths about our society with a catchy hook, creating a thought-provoking single with various underlying messages and subtle notions. "Martyrs" has led people such as Timberland, among others, to reach out and praise Jenkins for his musical talent and intricate lyricism. Mick continued to find creative ways to convey his message and he released his project entitled The Waters, the project received positive reviews.

In 2015, Mick went on tour with Kirk Knight, Noname, and Saba. On August 21, 2015, Jenkins released his 9-track EP Waves which also recieved positive reception. Mick plans to release his debut album "The Healing Component " in 2016.

Song lyric Canada Dry CANADA DRY Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Carefree CAREFREE Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Comfortable (feat. No Name Gypsy) COMFORTABLE (FEAT. NO NAME GYPSY) Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Different Scales DIFFERENT SCALES Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Drowning DROWNING Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Free Nation Rebel Soldier 2 FREE NATION REBEL SOLDIER 2 Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Healer HEALER Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Jazz JAZZ Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Jerome (feat. Joey Bada$$) JEROME (FEAT. JOEY BADA$$) Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Love, Robert Horry LOVE, ROBERT HORRY Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Perception PERCEPTION Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Plain Clothes PLAIN CLOTHES Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Strange Love STRANGE LOVE Mick Jenkins
Song lyric The Healing Component THE HEALING COMPONENT Mick Jenkins
Song lyric The Trees THE TREES Mick Jenkins
Song lyric This Type Love? THIS TYPE LOVE? Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Understood UNDERSTOOD Mick Jenkins
Song lyric Vibe VIBE Mick Jenkins
Song lyric What Am I To Do WHAT AM I TO DO Mick Jenkins