Mila J

Mila J. (Born Jamila Chilombo on November 18, 1983), is the latest R&B/Rap solo female artist to the TUG roster headed by Chris Stokes, creator of the platinum selling group B2K. Mila J embodies today's urban female by representing strength, passion and presence with a hood glam that ladies admire and fellas want to get next to.

The Los Angeles native began rapping at age 4 and immediately knew her destiny was to perform. Reminiscent of the late Left Eye, whom she admires, Jamila contributes her love of hip-hope to her music and sense of style, giving her a street edge with feminine appeal. "I've always loved old school groups like the Fat Boys oddly enough," Jamila shares, "The guy at the video store eneded up just giving me a copy of Krush Groove because it's my favorite movie of all time and I'd rent it every weekend." As one in a family of six, the animated youngster met Chris Stokes when she was just nine years old after her sister had appeared in an Immature video. She caught the producers' eye and he made her a member of his now defunct girl group, Dame Four. Hailing from a music family, Jamila's natural ability shines through, from her sense of style to her self-written rhymes. "I went to school for fashion, but singing and dancing are in my heart, that what I love and can't see myself doing anything else." Is also the sister of Jhené Aiko.

Her debut album, Split Personality"was shelved. Like many female acts in TUG, her career went no where due to poor support from the label. She was co-writer on the project, Mila J collaborated with Cory Bold, a seventeen year old phenom who adds icing to the already sweet cake.

Mila J poses a quadruple threat as she can sing, rap, dance, and write. Her first single off her shelved debut album was entitled Complete produced by Cory Bold. Her current status is unknown.

Song lyric Are You Happy ARE YOU HAPPY Mila J
Song lyric Friend Zone FRIEND ZONE Mila J
Song lyric Fuckboy FUCKBOY Mila J
Song lyric I'm Mi I'M MI Mila J
Song lyric Kickin' Back KICKIN' BACK Mila J
Song lyric My Main MY MAIN Mila J
Song lyric Pain In My Heart PAIN IN MY HEART Mila J
Song lyric The Sweetest Taboo THE SWEETEST TABOO Mila J
Song lyric Times Like These TIMES LIKE THESE Mila J
Song lyric U Remind Me U REMIND ME Mila J