Min is mutiple artist
1. MIN is the Vietnamese female singer/dancer from St.319 (one of the leading dance group in Vietnam)
She born at 07/12/1988 in Hanoi. She started debut with single "TÌM (Lost)" feat Mr.A

2) a pop singer under the JYP USA label and she is also Lil John's current protégé. Her full name is Lee Min Young (이민영) and she was born in Korea in 1991. She was discovered at a very young age and has been training with J.Y. Park (aka JYP) for the past few years. She is debuting in the United States with her first song "Go Ahead" (you can listen to the song at her MySpace page).
3) Lithuanian artist;

Min's MySpace

Training with JYP and Lil John (in Korean with some English)
Clip of Min dancing when she was 14 years old

Song lyric Có Em Chờ CÓ EM CHỜ Min
Song lyric Dung Yeu Nua, Em Met Roi DUNG YEU NUA, EM MET ROI MIN
Song lyric Em Mới Là Người Yêu Anh EM MỚI LÀ NGƯỜI YÊU ANH min
Song lyric Tìm TÌM Min