Misha Omar

Misha Omar (born Samiha @ Aisah Binti Omar on January 6, 1982, in Kelantan, Malaysia), commonly known as Misha, is a Malaysian singer and actress. She was first discovered by Adnan Abu Hassan when she became a finalist of the "Bintang RTM" competition in 2001 alongside fellow singers Azharina and Siti Sarah. Misha did not win the competition but her subsequent career has been successful.

In 2002, Misha released her debut album "Misha", from which four singles were released including the hit single “Bunga-Bunga Cinta”. In 2003, Misha won the Choice Newcomer ("Artis Baru Pilihan") at the "Anugerah Era" (Era Awards). She has frequently been compared to Malaysian singer superstar Siti Nurhaliza. In 2004, she released her 2nd album “Aksara” with the hit single “Pulangkan”. Her third album, Misha Omar was released in 2008.

Song lyric Pulangkan PULANGKAN Misha Omar
Song lyric Kau Yang Amat Ku Sayang KAU YANG AMAT KU SAYANG Misha Omar
Song lyric Aidilfitri AIDILFITRI Misha Omar
Song lyric Angin Syurga ANGIN SYURGA Misha Omar
Song lyric Bunga-bunga Cinta BUNGA-BUNGA CINTA Misha Omar
Song lyric Cinta Adam & Hawa CINTA ADAM & HAWA Misha Omar
Song lyric Sampai Bila SAMPAI BILA Misha Omar
Song lyric Sembunyi SEMBUNYI Misha Omar
Song lyric Semoga Abadi SEMOGA ABADI Misha Omar
Song lyric Terimaku Seadanya TERIMAKU SEADANYA Misha Omar