Nasrollah Moein Najafabadi (Persian: نصرالله معین نجف آبادی) known as Moein is an Iranian singer known for his love songs. Born in 1951 in Najafabad in Esfahan, Iran. He has played lots of concerts across the world.

In 1982, after Writing "Yeki Ra Doost Midaram", he left the country. In one of his interviews, Moein actually explains that his song "Yeki Ra Doost Midaram" had been performed by Hayedeh(famous Persian singer before him) by the time he arrived to L.A.. However, it was his version which became very popular and lead Moein to his first hit. It's interesting to note that even to-date many people think Moein performed Hayedeh's song. Around this period his songs drew a lot of attention. Moein continued to produce hit after hit. Such classics as Kabeh, Havas, Esfehan, Miparastam, Paricheh. These were all great hits not only in Iran self but also outside of Iran (for example Sweden where many Irianans have emigrated to).

Song lyric Bigharar BIGHARAR Moein
Song lyric Eshghe Man ESHGHE MAN Moein
Song lyric Eshghe Moondegar ESHGHE MOONDEGAR Moein
Song lyric Faramoosham Nakon FARAMOOSHAM NAKON Moein
Song lyric Moama MOAMA Moein
Song lyric Roya ROYA Moein
Song lyric Shabe Eshgh(Hayedeh) SHABE ESHGH(HAYEDEH) Moein