Muse are an alternative rock band from Teignmouth, England, United Kingdom. The band consists of Matthew Bellamy on lead vocals, piano, keyboard and guitar, Chris Wolstenholme on backing vocals and bass guitar, and Dominic Howard on drums and percussion.

They have been friends since their formation in early 1994 and changed band names a number of times (such as Gothic Plague, Fixed Penalty, and Rocket Baby Dolls) before adopting the name Muse. Since the release of their fourth album, Morgan Nicholls has also appeared with the band at live performances to provide keyboards, samples/synth, and backing vocals.

Their sound is a blend of alternative rock, classical music, electronica, metal, spanish guitars, and progressive rock. Usually they use the bass line as the driving force, often with the guitar providing only an extra layer to the song rather than carrying the melody, the bass has distortion and other effects applied to it to achieve a greater weight, allowing the guitar to digress from the main tune and play higher notes. Another peculiarity is MuseĀ“s piano style in many of their songs; their music has been inspired by the works of Romantic pianist-composers such as Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky and Liszt, and has thus resulted in a fusion of Romantic style with modern rock.

The band are known for their energetic live performances and front man Matthew Bellamy's eccentric and avid interests in global conspiracy, extraterrestrial life, theology and the apocalypse (as much as in Space and theoretical physics). Their lyrical themes involve madcap conspiracy theory, revolutionary rabble-rousing, weird stuff about aliens (or Zetas, if you please), religions and other such classic Muse concerns. In general their music and lyrics gaze on helplessly at the subjugation of humanity by corrupt world leaders and encroaching environmental or galactic disasters (and certainly their fourth album 'Black Holes And Revelations' has its fair share of climate change/oil crisis/global inflagration paranoia).

In October 1999, Muse released their first full length LP; 'Showbiz'. The album received mixed reviews among critics, and music fans, labeling the band as 'Radiohead copycats'. This, however, did not stop the album from selling over 700,000 copies, with success coming from singles; Unintended and Muscle Museum. The album also earned Muse a nomination at the 2000 BRIT Awards, for Best New Act.

2001, with John Leckie behind the desk again, saw the release of Origin of Symmetry along with Top 20 entries for Plug in Baby and New Born. The album went unreleased in the United States until 2005 because their record label at the time, Madonna's Maverick, allegedly thought the falsetto vocals would discourage radio play and wanted the band to re-record alternate vocals. The band refused, and terminated its contract with Maverick.

Muse followed up with a b-side/live CD/DVD named Hullabaloo Soundtrack, showcasing the band's concert from France in late 2001. To promote the album, Muse also released the Dead Star/In Your World EP, which charted high in the UK charts and proving Muse could also write "radio-friendly" rock tunes, as well as the 7 minute long epics on Origin of Symmetry. Muse polished off their impressive year by winning Best Live Band at the 2002 Kerrang! Awards.

In 2003, Muse asked Rich Costey to step behind the desk to help create Absolution. The album had very strong sales all over the world, and helped the band achieve their first UK number 1 album. Its release was preceded by a download-only single and online video for the song Stockholm Syndrome. Followed by the singles Time is Running Out and Hysteria, which charted well in the UK charts and helped Muse secure a headline spot at the 2004 Glastonbury Festival.

Glastonbury saw Muse storm troop onto the high table of classic Glastonbury headline acts and prove themselves a formidable force in British rock. Although many had their doubts at putting Muse on the bill with names such as Paul McCartney, Muse proved them all wrong and played what Bellamy described as "the best gig of our lives." It was only with that triumph fresh in their throats, they claim, that they realised they'd 'made it'. However tragedy struck just shortly after Muse came off stage when Dom Howard's father (a big Muse fan) collapsed after witnessing his son play and died on the site.

Later that year, Muse toured the US, promoting Absolution, before returning home to play two sell-out gigs at London's Earls Court at the end of the year.

In 2006 and after a long and exhaustive tour, the band returned to the studio, and released Black Holes and Revelations.Interview with Dominic 2006

With the LP, the band secured their second UK album chart number one, whilst reaching the top spot in several other countries, as well as a Top 10 in the US billboard chart. The controversial single Supermassive Black Hole became Muse's highest UK entry in the charts, reaching number four, and also scored high entries in other countries. The album's second single, Starlight, reached number 13 in the UK charts in September 2006. The 3rd UK single was fan-favourite Knights of Cydonia, released on November 27th, and it reached number 10 in the UK charts. The 4th single from Black Holes & Revelations was Invincible, and was released April 15th 2007. It entered the UK singles chart at 21st place, and was the first single from the new album not to enter in the Top 20. On November 2, 2006, the band won an award for Best Alternative Act at the annual MTV EMA in Copenhagen. Muse were also named 'Best Live Act' at the Brit Awards in 2006 and have retained the title in 2007.

Two of the album's singles reached the highest US Modern Rock chart positions in the band's career during 2007: Starlight reached #2 in February 2007, and the all-falsetto Supermassive Black Hole reached #6 in October. 2007 also saw the band play to sellouts at Madison Square Garden and the Forum in Los Angeles, as well as headlining Austin City Limits Festival and Lollapalooza.

Even when the band says they do not see themselves as a massive stadium band, their headline concert on June 16th 2007, at the rebuilt Wembley Stadium, sold out in 45 minutes six months before the gig and the band had to add a second show on June 17, where they proved to be more than worthy of stadium gigs. The Wembley gigs became two of the biggest hyped concerts of 2007. Already the gigs have been compared by music journalists to Live Aid and Queen gigs, also performed on the "Hallowed Ground." The band's next release, HAARP: Live from Wembley, is expected to be made up of footage from the June 17th show.

In July 2007, Bellamy confirmed that he had begun to work on a new studio album and new songs, some more in line with electronic or "dance" music and others more with classical or symphonic music.

In January 2008 the song "Knights of Cydonia" was voted number 1 on the Triple J Hottest 100, Australia's biggest annual alternative music countdown.

In 2009, the band released The Resistance, which contained the successful single "Uprising", the band's first Top 40 pop hit in the United States (achieving this with very little radio airplay) and their first #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart. Followup singles "Resistance" and "Undisclosed Desires" also proved successful.

The band's sixth album, The 2nd Law, was released on 1 October 2012. The album's first single, "Survival", is the official song of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The second single, "Madness" was released on 20 August 2012. The third single, "Follow Me" was released on 7 December 2012, with an accompanying lyrics video released on the band's YouTube channel on 1 November 2012. The album has recieved generally positive reviews, with Allmusic noting "their excursions into dubstep and dance music on tracks like "Madness" and "Follow Me" feel more like remixes than original songs."

Their latest album Drones was released on June 5 2015

Song lyric Starlight STARLIGHT Muse
Song lyric Supermassive Black Hole SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE Muse
Song lyric Time Is Running Out TIME IS RUNNING OUT Muse
Song lyric Hysteria HYSTERIA Muse
Song lyric Uprising UPRISING Muse
Song lyric Plug In Baby PLUG IN BABY Muse
Song lyric Stockholm Syndrome STOCKHOLM SYNDROME Muse
Song lyric Feeling Good FEELING GOOD Muse
Song lyric New Born NEW BORN Muse
Song lyric Undisclosed Desires UNDISCLOSED DESIRES Muse
Song lyric Bliss BLISS Muse
Song lyric Invincible INVINCIBLE Muse
Song lyric Apocalypse Please APOCALYPSE PLEASE Muse
Song lyric Assassin ASSASSIN Muse
Song lyric Falling Away With You FALLING AWAY WITH YOU Muse
Song lyric Soldier's Poem SOLDIER'S POEM Muse
Song lyric Escape ESCAPE Muse
Song lyric Resistance RESISTANCE Muse
Song lyric Exo-Politics EXO-POLITICS Muse
Song lyric Blackout BLACKOUT Muse
Song lyric Endlessly ENDLESSLY Muse
Song lyric Thoughts of a Dying Atheist THOUGHTS OF A DYING ATHEIST Muse
Song lyric Muscle Museum MUSCLE MUSEUM Muse
Song lyric Hoodoo HOODOO Muse
Song lyric Madness MADNESS Muse
Song lyric Unintended UNINTENDED Muse
Song lyric Citizen Erased CITIZEN ERASED Muse
Song lyric Sunburn SUNBURN Muse
Song lyric Hyper Music HYPER MUSIC Muse
Song lyric Space Dementia SPACE DEMENTIA Muse
Song lyric Micro Cuts MICRO CUTS Muse
Song lyric The Small Print THE SMALL PRINT Muse
Song lyric Megalomania MEGALOMANIA Muse
Song lyric Screenager SCREENAGER Muse
Song lyric Showbiz SHOWBIZ Muse
Song lyric Uno UNO Muse
Song lyric Fillip FILLIP Muse
Song lyric Falling Down FALLING DOWN Muse
Song lyric Cave CAVE Muse
Song lyric Sober SOBER Muse
Song lyric Aftermath AFTERMATH Muse
Song lyric Agitated AGITATED Muse
Song lyric Ashamed ASHAMED Muse
Song lyric Believe BELIEVE Muse
Song lyric Burning Bandits BURNING BANDITS Muse
Song lyric Butterflies And Hurricanes BUTTERFLIES AND HURRICANES Muse
Song lyric Can't Take My Eyes Off You CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Muse
Song lyric Cant Take My Eyes Off You CANT TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Muse
Song lyric City Of Delusion CITY OF DELUSION Muse
Song lyric Coma COMA Muse
Song lyric Con-science CON-SCIENCE Muse
Song lyric Conforming on a monday CONFORMING ON A MONDAY Muse
Song lyric Crying Shame CRYING SHAME Muse
Song lyric Darkshines DARKSHINES Muse
Song lyric Dead Inside DEAD INSIDE Muse
Song lyric Dead Star DEAD STAR Muse
Song lyric Dig Down DIG DOWN Muse
Song lyric Do We Need This? DO WE NEED THIS? Muse
Song lyric Dying Thoughts Of An Atheist DYING THOUGHTS OF AN ATHEIST Muse
Song lyric Easily EASILY Muse
Song lyric Eternally Missed ETERNALLY MISSED Muse
Song lyric Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 1 (Overture) EXOGENESIS: SYMPHONY, PT. 1 (OVERTURE) Muse
Song lyric Explorers EXPLORERS Muse
Song lyric Follow Me FOLLOW ME Muse
Song lyric Fury FURY Muse
Song lyric Futurism FUTURISM Muse
Song lyric Glorious GLORIOUS Muse
Song lyric Hate This & I'll Love You HATE THIS & I'LL LOVE YOU Muse
Song lyric Hollow HOLLOW Muse
Song lyric Host HOST Muse
Song lyric House Of The Rising Sun HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN Muse
Song lyric Hyper Chondriac Music HYPER CHONDRIAC MUSIC Muse
Song lyric Hypermusic HYPERMUSIC Muse
Song lyric In The Middle Of A Dream IN THE MIDDLE OF A DREAM Muse
Song lyric In Your World IN YOUR WORLD Muse
Song lyric Instant Messenger INSTANT MESSENGER Muse
Song lyric Jimmy Kane JIMMY KANE Muse
Song lyric Karyanne KARYANNE Muse
Song lyric Knights Of Cydonia KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA Muse
Song lyric Luster LUSTER Muse
Song lyric Luz De Estrella LUZ DE ESTRELLA Muse
Song lyric Map Of The Problematique MAP OF THE PROBLEMATIQUE Muse
Song lyric Map Of Your Head MAP OF YOUR HEAD Muse
Song lyric Mercy MERCY Muse
Song lyric Natural Disaster NATURAL DISASTER Muse
Song lyric Nature 1 NATURE 1 Muse
Song lyric Neutron Star Collision NEUTRON STAR COLLISION Muse
Song lyric Our Time Is Running Out OUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT Muse
Song lyric Overdue OVERDUE Muse
Song lyric Panic Station PANIC STATION Muse
Song lyric Pink Ego Box PINK EGO BOX Muse
Song lyric Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME GET WHAT I WANT Muse
Song lyric Please, Please, Please Let Me Go PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME GO Muse
Song lyric Pressure PRESSURE Muse
Song lyric Psycho PSYCHO Muse
Song lyric Reapers REAPERS Muse
Song lyric Recess RECESS Muse
Song lyric Rubylions 2000 Years RUBYLIONS 2000 YEARS Muse
Song lyric Rule By Secrecy RULE BY SECRECY Muse
Song lyric Shine SHINE Muse
Song lyric Shrinking Universe SHRINKING UNIVERSE Muse
Song lyric Sing For Absolution SING FOR ABSOLUTION Muse
Song lyric Soulwax SOULWAX Muse
Song lyric Spiral Static SPIRAL STATIC Muse
Song lyric Star STAR Muse
Song lyric Sublime SUBLIME Muse
Song lyric Supermacy SUPERMACY Muse
Song lyric Supremacy SUPREMACY Muse
Song lyric Take A Bow TAKE A BOW Muse
Song lyric The 2nd Law: Isolated System THE 2ND LAW: ISOLATED SYSTEM Muse
Song lyric The Dark Side THE DARK SIDE Muse
Song lyric The Groove THE GROOVE Muse
Song lyric The handler THE HANDLER Muse
Song lyric Tsp TSP Muse
Song lyric Tsp (the Small Print) TSP (THE SMALL PRINT) Muse
Song lyric Twin TWIN Muse
Song lyric United States Of Eurasia UNITED STATES OF EURASIA Muse
Song lyric Who Knows Who WHO KNOWS WHO Muse
Song lyric Yes Please YES PLEASE Muse