There are several artists under the name Muzzy.

(1) Mustafa 'Muzzy' Alobaidi is a Dubstep/DNB artist from Hampshire, UK. He started getting recognition when he was only 14-15 years old.

(2) Muzzy is musician living in Yunnan, China.

Free tracks can be downloaded via Douban.

(3) Muzzy Spends too much time playing in Garageband and not doing the dishes. He recorded this song after listening to way too much Burial & Modeselektor.
Is that him singing? Who knows?
Maybe it's the mouse that lives in his office?
Or maybe the birds that poop on his car?
Most likely it's those pesky kids that leave their rubbish out the front of his house, on their way home from school! Grrrr... (fist waving in air)

(4) Muzzy is noise and drum from Portland, OR.

30 May 2008 - Muzzy AUSTRALIA

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