NAV is the moniker of at least three artists:
1. a semi-anonymous singer and rapper out of Toronto, keeping a low profile as he lets his music speak first. Nav's music is distinctly Toronto, favoring dark, textural production, and understated melodies.
2. a japanese vocaloid composer.
3. a hip hop producer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Alias of Alberto Arifi. You'll find his latest achievements at

Song lyric Amazing AMAZING NAV
Song lyric Good For It GOOD FOR IT Nav
Song lyric Habits HABITS Nav
Song lyric Held Me Down HELD ME DOWN NAV
Song lyric Hold Your Breath HOLD YOUR BREATH NAV
Song lyric I Don't Care I DON'T CARE NAV
Song lyric Minute MINUTE NAV
Song lyric Myself MYSELF Nav
Song lyric Price On My Head PRICE ON MY HEAD NAV
Song lyric Some Way SOME WAY NAV
Song lyric Tap TAP NAV
Song lyric The Man THE MAN Nav
Song lyric Wanted You WANTED YOU NAV