Nike Ardilla

Raden Nike Ratnadilla or commonly known as Nike Ardilla (27 December 1975 - 19 March 1995) was a rock singer from Bandung, West Java Indonesia. She died as the result of a car accident in Bandung at the age of 19, while at the height of her popularity and her name remains famous in Indonesia. She was known as "Young Legend". Until now, Nike Ardilla is a musician, singer, movie star, and the most successful model in the history of show business industry in Indonesia.

With 30 million albums sold worldwide and the prestigious honor of being the only artist under the age of 15 who sold an album over 2 million copies ever in Indonesia. More than any other single artist, Nike Ardilla was the driving force behind the return of teen pop Rock in the late '80s. Nike Ardilla didn't just become a star—she was a bonafide pop phenomenon. Not only did she sell millions of records, she was a media fixture regardless of what she was (or wasn't) doing; among female singers of the era (many of whom followed in her footsteps). From the outset, Nike Ardilla's sex appeal was an important part of her image.

When Ardilla's debut album titled "Seberkas Sinar" was released in mid 1989, it entered the charts at number one and stayed there for ten weeks. Once the ubiquitous lead single died down, the album kept spinning off hits: Number one single "Seberkas Sinar", the Top 10 ballad "Cinta Pertama", and the Top 5 "Tembang Asmara". By the end of 1989. Seberkas Sinar had sold 1 million copies, and went on to sell a good three million more on top of that. Its success touched off a wave of young Lady Rocker that included Anggun C Sasmi, Poppy Mercury, Inka Christie, and Mayang sari.

Nike Ardilla was a superstar, drooled over in countless magazines. By the time ...Seberkas Sinar finally started to lose steam on the singles and album charts, Nike Ardilla was ready to release her follow-up. "Bintang Kehidupan" appeared in the spring of 1990, and the title track was an instant smash, racing into the Top Number One. The album itself entered the charts at number one and sold over 500.000 copies in its first week of release, setting a new record for single-week sales by a female artist. Follow-up singles included "Salut", the gold-selling "Putih." A year after its release, Bintang Kehidupan had sold over two million copies.

After that so many album had released such as: Nyalakan Api 1991, Matahariku 1992, Biarlah Aku Mengalah 1993, Tinggalah Aku Sendiri 1994, Biarkan Cintamu Berlalu 1994, Sandiwara Cinta 1995, etc.

Discography :
01.Seberkas Sinar 1990
02. Bintang Kehidupan - 1990
03. Nyalakan Api - 1991
04. Matahariku/Izinkanlah - 1991
05. Biarkan Aku Mengalah 1993
06. Biarkan Cintamu Berlalu -1994
07. Duri Terlindung -1994
08. Sandiwara Cinta - 1995
09. Mama Aku Ingin Pulang - 1995
10. Suara Hatiku - 1996

Song lyric Bintang Kehidupan BINTANG KEHIDUPAN Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Seberkas Sinar SEBERKAS SINAR Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Deru Debu DERU DEBU Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Duri Terlindung DURI TERLINDUNG Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Biarkan Cintamu Berlalu BIARKAN CINTAMU BERLALU Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Biarlah Aku Mengalah BIARLAH AKU MENGALAH Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Cinta Diantara Kita CINTA DIANTARA KITA Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Kau Bukan Untukku KAU BUKAN UNTUKKU Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Bila Cinta Mulai Bersemi BILA CINTA MULAI BERSEMI Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Izinkan IZINKAN Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Belenggu Cinta BELENGGU CINTA Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Suara Hati SUARA HATI Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Dalam Biru Hatiku DALAM BIRU HATIKU Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Aku Tak Bersuara AKU TAK BERSUARA Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Cinta Bersemi CINTA BERSEMI Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Cinta Putih CINTA PUTIH Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Ingin ku lupakan INGIN KU LUPAKAN Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Keraguan KERAGUAN Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Ku Terima Cintamu KU TERIMA CINTAMU Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Luka LUKA Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Mama Ku Ingin Pulang MAMA KU INGIN PULANG Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Matahariku (feat. Deddy Dores) MATAHARIKU (FEAT. DEDDY DORES) Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Menanti Kejujuran MENANTI KEJUJURAN Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Nyalakan Api Kehidupan NYALAKAN API KEHIDUPAN Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Panggung Sandiwara (feat. Ian Antono and Taufik Ismail) PANGGUNG SANDIWARA (FEAT. IAN ANTONO AND TAUFIK ISMAIL) Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Pudar PUDAR Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Star Of Life STAR OF LIFE Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Tinggalah Diriku Sendiri TINGGALAH DIRIKU SENDIRI Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Untuk Apa Lagi UNTUK APA LAGI Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Untuk Kekasihku UNTUK KEKASIHKU Nike Ardilla
Song lyric Warna Cinta Kita WARNA CINTA KITA Nike Ardilla