Nowseeheart is a Malaysian nasyid group formed in 1998. The members originally were Azahari, Sariman, Huzaimi, Idzhar and Firdaus and Mujahid Abdul Wahab. Mujahid left the group focusing work on producing and composing music. Firdaus, also known as Bob by them, left the group in 2013. They were under label Anugerah Entertainment.

They have won several awards including Best Newcomer for Group in AIM 1999, Best Vocals for Group in AIM 2003 and Best Performance in Anugerah Carta Nasyid IKIM 2004.

The group started with the name Suara SMAKL, as the members were from the school, Sekolah Menengah Agama Kuala Lumpur (now known as SMKA Kuala Lumpur). With the help of Cikgu Abu Hasan Morad & Azahari Ahmad (Raihan), Suara SMAKL, originally with 13 members, produced an album, Jendela Hati. After the members started to go to university, they changed their name into Anugerah, and made an album entitled Masih Ada Waktu.

After the success of Raihan in the Malaysian nasyid industry in 1998, Farihin Abdul Fatah introduced this group to Warner Music. Under label Zamrud Records of Warner Music, Nowseeheart was formed, though only with 6 members.

In 2013, they came up with new single, Maafkan Aku. A song with a fresh rock genre, differ with their music style previously.

In 2011, Kembali (2011), a compilation album from previous albums with four new songs was released - Kerana Doa, Kurnia, Kau Di Mana and Seni Berjuang.

Their albums until 2005 are Jalan Sehala (2005), Selawat 10 Hajat (2005), Berjalan, Melihat & Mentafsir (2002) and Wahyu Pertama (1998).

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Song lyric Kekasih KEKASIH Nowseeheart
Song lyric Keluarga Bahagia KELUARGA BAHAGIA Nowseeheart
Song lyric Damai Yang Hilang DAMAI YANG HILANG Nowseeheart
Song lyric Seorang Gadis SEORANG GADIS Nowseeheart