Nugie, also known as Nugie Nugraha, born as Agustinus Nugraha in Jakarta Indonesia, August 31st 1971. As a rock singer in 90's, Nugie was influenced by grunge-alternative and became popular following his first album released in 1995, "Bumi", with hits "Tertipu" and "Putri". The second album was in 1996, "Air" including hits "Teman Baik" and "Burung Gereja", followed by his third album "Udara" (1998) with hits "Pembuat Teh" and "Pelukis Malam". His three albums well known as his first Trilogy. During recording and live performances, Nugie was backed up by his band, known as ALV band with former member Alex Kuple (bass), Nito Septian (guitar), Joe Sampouw (guitar), and Sigit TP (drum). The latest member of ALV are Alex Kuple (bass), Nito Septian (guitar), Joe Sampouw (guitar), Hendy HS (piano & keyboards), and Geryy Herb (drums). After his first Trilogy, Nugie released two albums under the name ALV as a group, "ALV" (2001) and "Senyawa Hati" (2003). ALV hits including songs "Tak Kasat Mata" and "Rahasia Hati". The latest album of Nugie as a soloist is "Bahagia" in 2005.

Song lyric Pelukis Malam PELUKIS MALAM Nugie
Song lyric Burung Gereja BURUNG GEREJA Nugie
Song lyric Tertipu TERTIPU Nugie
Song lyric Pembuat Teh PEMBUAT TEH Nugie
Song lyric Lentera Jiwa LENTERA JIWA Nugie
Song lyric Cerita Ayah CERITA AYAH Nugie
Song lyric Aku Terbang AKU TERBANG Nugie
Song lyric Crayon CRAYON Nugie
Song lyric Manusia Pagi MANUSIA PAGI Nugie
Song lyric Suasana SUASANA Nugie
Song lyric Dunia Dalam Ruang DUNIA DALAM RUANG Nugie
Song lyric Manusiawi MANUSIAWI Nugie
Song lyric Wanita Yang Terindah WANITA YANG TERINDAH Nugie
Song lyric Yale Yale YALE YALE Nugie
Song lyric Ksatria Basket KSATRIA BASKET Nugie