olympos mons

Olympos is a Finnish symphonic power metal band that released its 1st album in 2004 ("Conquistador"). A 2nd album ("Medievil") was released in 2007.

In early 2010 vocalist Ian E.Highhill posted on myspace saying.
Olympos Mons will play their last gig on 30.1.2010 in Ekenäs, a nearby town
to their hometown Hanko. The reason for the split up is part personal problems
and part due to some band members lack of interest in committing themselves
enough to the band.

Still, some of us like myself will continue in other projects so watch
out for us you have not seen the last of us yet!

Some further biographic information from their website (

"It was neither the alcohol nor their similar band backgrounds which brought the guitarist Jari Sundström and singer Ian E. Highhill together on a concert evening in a small town in Finland in 2002. It was the passion for melodic, symphonic metal music and one which led the two experienced musicians to the important decision of founding a band with the name of OLYMPOS MONS (the highest mountain on Mars and the largest volcano in our own solar system). It was a decision which would make waves in the world of heavy metal. Thanks to their yearlong activities in various bands they certainly had the right stuff. Jari Sundström feels just as much at home in the world of classical music as he does in rock and metal, has been composing songs for many years and his aggressive style of playing guitar has made him a popular figure on the local scene. For his part, Ian E. Highhill has a voice of exceptional range and is known both as a composer and as the author of dark, romantic lyrics."