1) Electronic duo from Los Angeles, USA
2) Progressive / Rock band from Perth, Australia
3) Producer and turntablist from Brno, Czech Republic

1) Electronic outfit Opia make atmospheric, R&B-influenced pop informed by their love of EDM, singer/songwriter folk, and a cappella vocals. Formed in Los Angeles in 2016, Opia feature the talents of fellow Yale graduates singer/guitarist Cole Citrenbaum, singer/keyboardist DJ Stanfill, and singer/producer Jacob Reske (aka colorthought).

2) OPIA are a three piece from Perth WA (Australia) - Progressive / Rock would best describe the trio. The songs are Powerful and catchy, and full of inspiration and meaning.
It has been a long time since protest songs came wielding acoustic guitars and daisies. Instead, in this post-revolution world, the music reflects the sheer electrification and volume of modern technology; and the lyrics – while no longer concerned with a single shadowy figure or government – reflect a universal feeling of malaise that can either speak on behalf of one single man, or their entire planet.

A galaxy away from the menial concerns of the workaday life and the loves and hates it brings; Opia are writing music to move mountains. Sonically and philosophically, there is a common fight in their music. A protest.

Led by the versatile singing of Michael Bok, whose own range perfectly glues the band’s softest tones to their heaviest, Opia are not a band that is ‘post’ or ‘pre’ anything... they are what is happening right now, in real time. In this, the most literal of senses, Opia’s music is progressive. It is moving forward and evolving even at this very second, as a complexity of genuine thoughts, propelled into the world by cyclonic walls of guitar and drums.

And trying to capture a cyclone in a bottle is no easy task. Engineered by the rapidly up-and-coming Adam Round, and Mastered by über producer Forrester Savell; Opia’s 2013 debut album is a stunningly balanced journey into music that can be as ethereal and light as it can be earthy and heavy. And while bands will often sacrifice their tone in pursuit of such heaviness, Opia’s tone is their heaviness. Just like their lyrics, Opia’s sound has come from the depths of sincerity.

Already a coveted live band in their hometown of Perth, One Minute Ago finds Opia on the edge of the Nullarbor, looking out to the highway with ambition and yearning. For all of the power and self-expression that has gone into their debut album, Opia can deliver it tenfold in person, on stage, amps cranked.

3) Dj Opia was a member of legendary Brno rap crew Naše Věc active from 1997 to 2006. As solo he released few mixtapes and two albums so far.

2006 - CUTalogue
2017 - Jízdní neřád

Song lyric Falling FALLING Opia
Song lyric Ydu YDU Opia