oslan husein

Oslan Hussein (born in Padang, West Sumatra, 8 April 1931 - died in Jakarta, August 16, 1972 at the age of 41 years), known as Oslan, is an Indonesian singer and actor. In the '50s Oslan famous for singing songs Minang language. Among the very popular song gave was "Kampuang Nan Jauh Dimato" and the classic Eid song "Lebaran" (Selamat Lebaran).

At that time, Oslan fame as a Minang song singer growing with the band "Teruna Ria" which he founded with Moes DS in 1959. "Ombak Buruih", Urang Rolong, Sinandi-Nandi, and Kaparinyo are some of the popular songs sung with Orkes Teruna Ria . Oslan fame has to be aligned with the other renowned orchestras, such as and Orkes Gumarang, Orkes Kumbang Tjari. Oslan Hussein also popularized a number of hits in Indonesian language, including the well-known classic songs in Malaysia and Singapore, "Lebaran" created by Widjaja Kusuma Orchestra under the lead of M. Yusuf , "Menimbang Rasa" Oslan's own creation, AndeTja AndeTji (Andeca Andeci) and Stambul Cha cha. Stambul Cha Cha singing by Oslan with playfully mixed with Indonesian language, Betawi, and Minang.

In 2009 the legendary song "Bengawan Solo" Gesang Martohartono's opus which played by Oslan and Orkes Teruna Ria with rock 'n roll version style mix between Elvis Presley and The Platters crowned as one of the 150 Best Indonesian Songs of All Time by Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine. This song was at number 11. Observer music Silado Remy noted that Oslan was the first musician who sung Bengawan Solo with the rock style. While Oslan's self-titled album "Oslan Hussein" (1964) are also included in the list 150 Best Indonesian Album at number 37