pattie bersaudara

Pattie Bersaudara is not a person, it's the two ladies who appear on the album cover. They were also known as the Pattie Sisters. The one with the blue top is Nina Pattie and the lady next to her is her younger sister Silvy Pattie (Sometimes recorded also as Nena and Selvy). They started singing together about 1961 and remained popular into the 1970s. It seems they always sang together and avoided doing solo work. I saw a newspaper report from 2006 that Nina died a few years ago. The sisters were born in Yogyakarta, Java, but their family was from Ambon and they recorded songs in the Ambonese dialect as well as standard Indonesian, Dutch and English.

Most of the tracks are in a local pop style like Rudjak Ulek. What Am I Supposed to Do is a cool soul/garage tune, and Pura Pura has some good organ and guitar. What Am I Supposed to Do is the only song on the lp sung in English. It sounds like a cover, but if so I can't determine who did the original.

NOTE from a listener--
No, "Pattie Bersaudara" is not a person. Bersaudara means "sisters," in Indonesian, though the two women were not sisters, but childhood friends. That's all I've got to add.