Pesawat was born in the hangar of Ampang after occasional just-for-fun jamming session of four boys from Klang Valley. In 2005, they decided to take music seriously and started to write their own material that is different from the rest.

Influenced very much by the bands from the UK, namely Editors, We Are Scientists, Dirty Pretty Things, Keane and Pigeon Detectives, Pesawat's music can be summed up as Indie Garage Rock with Malaysian flavor. Their music comes both in English and Malay.

The band went on hiatus in 2006 due to other commitments and back in the hangar in the end 2007 to write new songs with a new direction with more flavor.

Pesawat was slotted to play at KLUE Urbanscapes 2008 as one of the voter's choice alongside with Komplot, The Otherside Orchestra and Auburn. The event was touted as the biggest art+music festival in Malaysia was held at KL Performing Arts Center.

The band was reviewed in the MalayMail(Malaysia’s top English tabloid) as the discovery of 2008. Due to that, Pesawat has achieved tremendous publicity and has become one of Malaysian band to be given attention.

Other notable shows that they have played includes Converse Century Project in Queensbay Mall Penang, Crossborders at Laundry, KLUE Urbanscapes 2008 at KLPAC, EURO FINAL Indie Jam at Cyberjaya, Indie Youth Fest 2008 in conjuction with Electronic Sports World Cup 2008, XFreshFM X-Gig at Zouk KL, Moonshine and FlyFM Campurtchart Goes Live at Laundry. They have been getting rave reviews due to their energetic live shows.

Their first single entitled “Mirage” is due to release middle October 2008 and has already got an airplay in local radio station XFM. EraFM and FlyFM. The demo version of Mirage was featured in Junk Magazine Online Compilation and Voize - Possibly the best compilation ever! CD.