Piano was originally formed in 1998 by Jeremy Mortimer and Christopher Haywood. As numerous members came and went, the band followed a varied musical evolution through rock, hardcore, pop covers, progressive, and neo-classical instrumental work.

Ciaran Cahill joined in 2003 and the band toured with: Eden Maine, My Awesome Compilation, Jairus, and Tribute to Nothing.

In 2005 Piano signed to Japanese label Zestone records through whom the debut EP ‘Monogamy is Encouraged’ was released; selling many thousands over the first few months.

Shortly afterwards came the departure of then vocalist Ben Jones, enforcing a 6 month hiatus. Piano bounced back recruiting talented vocalist, Daniel Tompkins in 2005.

A UK tour followed with Secondsmile, Second Monday and The Abner. As a result of the success of the EP and a growing fan base, Piano were invited to headline a tour of Japan in late 2006, playing packed venues with Lost, Envy and Palm.

In 2007 the band started work on new material, which was noticed by SikTh duo Dan Weller and Justin Hill; who joined the band in the studio.

In 2008 Piano returned to Japan for a second tour.

The band is currently working on a debut full length release for Zestone Records.

Piano is:

Ciaran Cahill (drums, pianoforte) | Chris Haywood (bass, contrabass, vocals) | Jeremy Mortimer (guitar, vocals) | Dan Tompkins (vocals)

Song lyric Одна ОДНА Pianoбой