Plan B

At least seven artists have used the name Plan B:
1. A popular rapper, singer and musician from England
2. An indie rock musician from Seattle, WA.
3. A hardcore band from Croatia
4. A rock band from Berlin, Germany
5. A reggaeton duo from Puerto Rico
6. A rap duo from Bulgaria
7. A pop punk band from the United States
8. An artist from Stuttgart, Germany
9. Plan B a psytrance and downtempo artist from Toronto, Canada.

1.) Plan B (real name Ben Drew, b. 1983) is a rapper from Forest Gate, London. From the age of 11 he attended Anglo European School in Ingatestone Essex, before transfering to Tom Hood, an inner-city comprehensive. He has described his character, in these school days, as "a bit of a cunt". He is signed to 679 Recordings, home to UK rap act The Streets. His unique sound is characterised by his use of acoustic beats and lyrics involving drugs, rape, murder and underage sex. He was placed fourth in the BBC's "Sound of 2006" competition.

His second album was released in April 2010; The Defamation of Strickland Banks was released on 12 April 2010. The album is a departure from the sound heard on Plan B's debut album Who Needs Actions When You Got Words, with the rapper's sophomore effort showcasing much more of his singing ability. Lyrically the album's songs tell the fictitious tale of one Strickland Banks, a sharp-suited British soul singer who finds fame with bitter-sweet love songs like the album's opener "Love Goes Down", but then loses everything when he ends up in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

The album was a great success, reaching #1 in the UK album charts, and three singles from the album reached the top 20 of the UK singles charts, with 'Stay Too Long' reaching #9 and 'She Said' reaching #3.

The Ill Manors Songfacts reports that on March 23, 2012 Plan B released “Ill Manors,” the title track of the soundtrack to the British film of the same title, which he wrote and directed.

2.) Plan B (real name James van Leuven) is a producer/musician from Seattle, WA.

On Like a Ship Sailing, Plan B's James van Leuven steps beyond his drumming for Automaton and allows percussion to be the focus. Laying a foundation of trip-hop beats, van Leuven (who handles nearly all of the instrumentation) implements sampling and crawly guitars and bass. The record possesses the darker atmospheres of trip-hop but without the accompanying vocals. There's also a spy film aura that permeates much of the album. Sometimes it gets a little too dark with the disturbing line, "Howard just said he was going to blow his brains out next Tuesday." It's balanced by a child asking, "Have you ever been in love?," in "Love," which flirts with breakbeats. "Come out Strong" has a finger-snapping cool jazz vibe with trumpet from Bill Jones. This project might be "plan B" for van Leuven, but his great job with live percussion makes it grade-A post-rock

After the release of 2 LPs in 2002 and 2006 + 1 EP in 2003, Plan B Seattle was over-shadowed by the pop success of the british Plan B Ben Drew in 2006. Since then Plan B Seattle has stopped releasing music under this moniker.

3.) Plan B is a melodic hardcore/punk band from Zagreb, Croatia (

4.) Plan B also was a German rock band, founded in Berlin in 1984. International acknowledgement was given to them with the release of their fourth album "Intensified!" (1991) which was produced by Pat Collier. In Germany the predecessor "The Greenhouse Effect" (1989) was much more popular ("Beam me up Scotty, this planet sucks!").

5.) Plan B is a reggaeton duo based in Puerto Rico. Members include Chencho (real name Orlando Javier Valle Vega) and Maldy (Edwin Vázquez Vega). Their latest album, "House of Pleasure," was released in 2010.

6) Plan B is a rap duo from Bulgaria

7) Plan B is a pop punk band from Springfield, Massachusetts. They released Picturesque EP in 2001. After that they have change their name to Sonny and released album A Temporary Remedy in 2002 at Fastmusic. Later in 2004 under the name Plan B they have released a split Tennesse Isn’t Too Far Away with Modern Day Saint

8.) Plan B from Stuttgart of the Label "Chimperator" (

9.) Plan B, a well-known psychedelic trance DJ from Toronto and one of the co-founders of Shakti Collective, witha side project for downtempo music, Planet B.

Song lyric She Said SHE SAID Plan B
Song lyric Prayin' PRAYIN' Plan B
Song lyric I Am The Narrator I AM THE NARRATOR Plan B
Song lyric Candy CANDY Plan B
Song lyric Mi Vecinita MI VECINITA Plan B
Song lyric Es Un Secreto ES UN SECRETO Plan B
Song lyric Fanatica Sensual FANATICA SENSUAL Plan B
Song lyric Automóvil AUTOMÓVIL Plan B
Song lyric Breakdown BREAKDOWN Plan B
Song lyric Choca CHOCA Plan B
Song lyric Deepest Shame DEEPEST SHAME Plan B
Song lyric Drug Dealer DRUG DEALER Plan B
Song lyric Ella Fuma ELLA FUMA Plan B
Song lyric First Past The Post FIRST PAST THE POST Plan B
Song lyric Free FREE Plan B
Song lyric Frikitona FRIKITONA Plan B
Song lyric Froneto FRONETO Plan B
Song lyric Fronteo FRONTEO Plan B
Song lyric House of Pleasure HOUSE OF PLEASURE Plan B
Song lyric Intro INTRO Plan B
Song lyric Love Goes Down LOVE GOES DOWN Plan B
Song lyric No Quiero Que Te Vayas NO QUIERO QUE TE VAYAS Plan B
Song lyric Nos fuimos discoteca NOS FUIMOS DISCOTECA Plan B
Song lyric Si no le contesto SI NO LE CONTESTO Plan B
Song lyric Solos SOLOS Plan B
Song lyric Stay Too Long STAY TOO LONG Plan B
Song lyric Suzanne SUZANNE Plan B
Song lyric Sátiro SÁTIRO Plan B
Song lyric Te Acuerdas de Mí TE ACUERDAS DE MÍ Plan B
Song lyric Te Dijeron TE DIJERON Plan B
Song lyric The Recluse THE RECLUSE Plan B
Song lyric Tough Love TOUGH LOVE Plan B
Song lyric ill Manors ILL MANORS Plan B
Song lyric ¿Por qué te demoras? ¿POR QUÉ TE DEMORAS? Plan B