Platitude is the name of multiple artists.

--Platitude was a Swedish progressive metal band that was formed back in 1995, until they decided not to continue in 2008 due to "injuries, lack of time and devotion" according to their website.

Platitude from Sweden secured themselves a record deal with Italian Scarlet Records in the spring of 2002, and their debut studio album "Secrets Of Life" was recorded in the beginning of August 2002 together with producer Tommy Hansen at the world renomed Jailhouse Studios (Helloween, Pretty Maids, TNT, etc.). The Japanese version was released in February 2003 and within the next months, positive reviews from all over the world came rushing in. According to many, Platitude was the next shining star in the European heavy metal industry. Followed by the great mediatric response, it was time to face the fans.
In May 2003, Platitude joined the Danish heavy metal band Manticora on a European tour. Tommie Lundgren had left the band and was replaced by a new keyboardist/composer named Kristofer von Wachenfeldt. The tour took the two bands to venues in Holland, Germany, France and Denmark. Soon after returning to Sweden, Platitude was, once again, asked to join a headliner on tour. This time supporting UK's premiere progressive metal band Threshold for two live concerts in Germany. The tour ended with a successful gig at the Sweden Rock Festival in June 2003.

After long periods of songwriting, Platitude had, in November 2004, recorded their second studio album and was ready to face the public response. The final result surprised a lot of fans to the better, when the music had become much more mature in context. Nine was considered being the perfect sequel to the debut album.
Nine still carried that original Platitude character which was so evident on the debut release. You could still recognize the heavy production by Tommy Hansen, the catchy chorus lines and the heavy focus on written instrumental parts. Yet, the musical result turned out to be a lot more progressive, more alive, and gave a slightly different impact. The neoclassical power metal parts that influenced the debut was this time, more or less, gone. Instead, Nine displayed a wonderful mixture of melodic metal together with progressive parts.
Then, in the late summer of 2004, the band line-up faced some more changes. Platitude decided to change their drummer and when Marcus Höher had left the band, the young and promising Andreas Brobjer quickly replaced him. That same summer, Andreas had received big musical attention after winning the Official Swedish Championships in Drumset Playing and was at the same time recording for Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey. Platitude's first live appearance together with their new drummer was at the annual ProgPower Festival in Holland.
Shortly afterwards, current lead guitarist Daniel Hall decided to leave the band and the Swedish guitar talent Johan Randén (Solo, Freak Kitchen) took his place temporarily as a "stand in lead guitarist” and followed the band on their concerts. Johan had earlier appeared in such famous guitar magazines as the Japanese Young Guitar Magazine.

Around Christmas 2004, Platitude was busy planning for the recordings of their third studio album and decided to try a slightly different approach this time. Musical ideas were shared and new material was being composed around the clock. At the same time, Platitude's current lead keyboardist Andreas Lindahl was busy doing session work for Loch Vostok and Manticora and left Platitude to focus on his other musical endeavors.

Now, with a new and compact band line-up, Platitude was ready to hit the studio once again. In April 2005, the recordings of their third album Silence Speaks had begun. As a result, the album would display a unique touch, blending progressive heavy metal with tasteful amounts of AOR and melodic hard rock.
The songs all have a modern approach and together with powerhouse Erik "EZ" Blomkvist's strong vocals and catchy choruses, this is a killer album right from start! Platitude produced Silence Speaks at Jailhouse Studios, once again together with top producer Tommy Hansen.

Platitude's reputation as a young and fresh Scandinavian act is keeping on spreading across the world. Make sure that you will catch a copy of their latest release!

--Platitude is an Alternative / Post-Grunge band formed in New York in 2008.

Platitude began as a garage-band that performed both original songs and covers of rock, and rock versions of Pop songs. The group is currently in the process of recording and releasing its first album, Girls Gone Wild Soundtrack, on their independent label.

The band is based out of Carmel, New York; and features a line-up with lead singer John Keher, lead guitar and drummer, Wilman Orellana, pianist Jen French, bassist Danny Polgreen, and songwriter Samantha Spano.

The band's first performance took place at Will's house, where the band's practices also took place. There was a surprisingly good turnout, featuring over 200 fans, and the band played a six-song set, including 2 original songs.

In January of 2009, the band faced trouble, because bassist Danny Polgreen was unhappy with the band and decided to quit. He rejoined the band in February of 2009, for the motivation of playing with a rival band at a local concert.

Despite having unstable practices, the band managed to record two demos from their first album, without a vocal track, and made them very sparsely available, only to friends and family. In the demos, John Keher took the position of drums and Wilman Orellana played both lead guitar, rhythm, and bass.

The band is expected to debut in mid- to late-2009 with their first album, and a tour of the Northeast U.S.