Polka Wars

Polka Wars is an alternative indie rock band formed in early 2010. This Jakarta-based band consists of 4 young delights : Karaeng Raja Adjie (guitar, vocal), Billy Aulia Saleh (guitar), Xandega Tahajuansya (bass) and Giovanni Rahmadeva (drums, vocal).

Departing from the desire to explore music more widely, Karaeng, Billy, Xandega, and Giovanni had agreed to engage to their own formula of crafting Polka Wars' distinctive sound: the sound of honest feelings and gentle confusions wrapped in layers of sonic pleasure. With two vocal ranges (baritone and alto), variety of instruments (including wind instruments), and synth-generated cold electronic ambient, they are ready to spread their music to that whole new level.

So far, Polka Wars had recorded 4 songs: Coraline & Horse' Hooves (released as a digital demo sampler - 2011) and Sanctuary & This Providence (released as a 7" single - 2013).

To complete the ecstatic experience of Polka Wars' live performance, Gerinov (saxophonist) and Sawi Lieu (keyboards & synthesizers) are now joining the lineup.

As for media coverage, Polka Wars has already well known trough many respectable blogs around the globe. They’ve been featured in NYLON magazine and soon will be joining several music compilations such as Indie Music France ( and Music Alliance Pact Compilation (

Billy Saleh - Guitar / Vocal
Giovanni Rahmadeva - Drums / Vocal
Karaeng Putra Adjie - Lead Vocal / Guitar
Xandega Tahajuansya - Bass / Vocal

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Song lyric Horse’s Hooves HORSE’S HOOVES Polka Wars
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Song lyric Mokele MOKELE Polka Wars
Song lyric Rangkum RANGKUM Polka Wars
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