Rabbani is a Malaysian nasyid group that consists of 7 members and they are Mohamad Asri Ibrahim as the lead vocal, together with Mohd Asri Ubaidullah, Ahmad Shafie, Zulkiflee Azman, Mohd Loqman Abd. Aziz, Rithauddeen Yaakob, and Azadan Abd Aziz.

In 1997, Rabbani released their self-titled debut album. They released 8 more albums after their debut album. They incorporate modern music into their nasyid songs, instead of making music that is merely dominated by the sound of percussion instruments. They have succeeded in creating an interesting fusion of contemporary nasyid music, appealing to a larger (and younger) audience.

Rabbani; man of god.

Song lyric Cari Pasangan CARI PASANGAN Rabbani
Song lyric Satu Qiblat Yang Sama SATU QIBLAT YANG SAMA Rabbani
Song lyric Ayah Ibu AYAH IBU Rabbani
Song lyric Insaf INSAF Rabbani
Song lyric Intifada INTIFADA Rabbani
Song lyric Irtihal IRTIHAL Rabbani
Song lyric Kerlipan Cinta KERLIPAN CINTA Rabbani
Song lyric Munajat MUNAJAT Rabbani
Song lyric Pergi Tak Kembali PERGI TAK KEMBALI Rabbani
Song lyric Solla Allah 'Ala Yassin SOLLA ALLAH 'ALA YASSIN Rabbani
Song lyric Suara Takbir SUARA TAKBIR Rabbani