Raisa (born Raisa Andriana, 6 June 1990 in Jakarta, Indonesia), is an Indonesian recording artist. She came to prominence with the song "Serba Salah". Before becoming a solo singer, Raisa was the vocalist of the band formed by Kevin Aprilio called Andante.

Raisa's singing talents had been seen since her earlier age. When she was 3, little Raisa often pretended to be a singer on stage.

She was the vocalist of Andante, a band founded by Kevin Aprilio. Andante was the earlier version of the band Vierra which is founded in 2008. There were five members of the band: Raisa Andriana, Widi Soediro, Raka Cyril, Satrianda Widjanarko, and Kevin Aprilio himself. Raisa got eliminated from the band because the label wanted a different concept.

Raisa was also a regular singer in cafes. She got many opportunities from being a regular cafe singer.

Raisa started gaining recognition for singing "Serba Salah" (All I Do is Wrong), and she became one of the guest stars on Java Jazz Festival 2011. After performing on the prestigious event, she started to gain popularity in Indonesian music scene. Raisa won an award in Anugerah Musik Indonesia (Indonesian Music Awards) as Best Newcomer.

Her first, self-titled album Raisa was produced and released in 2011 by Solid Records and Universal Music Indonesia. Producers of the album were three young musicians from Indonesian bands, named Asta Andoko (RAN), Ramadhan Handy (Soulvibe), and Adrianto Ario Seto (Soulvibe), supported by Nanda Oka and Asta Andoko as Executive Producers of Solid Records.

Raisa launched her second album titled Heart to Heart on November 27, 2013. Tracks from the album remained on top positions for the entire year. Upon the press conference for the launching of this album, she gave a clear statement that she's here to stay, and there surely will be a third, fourth, fifth album and so on. She also held a mini-concert for the press and 300 fans who got chosen from pre-ordering her album.

In 2014, Raisa was appointed as a guest judge for the talent show television Indonesian Idol Season 8. At first, she was a guest judge but was later appointed to replace the position. In February 2015, Walt Disney Pictures picked Raisa to sing the soundtrack "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" of Indonesian version, titled "Mimpi Adalah Harapan Hati" for Disney's remake of Cinderella.

Raisa was collaboration with singer Afgan for soundtrack film London Love Story, titled "Percayalah" in 2015. She released her third studio album Handmade (2016) with under label Juni Records and produced the singles "Jatuh Hati" and "Kali Kedua".

In April 2016, Raisa was held concert "Handmade Showcase" which held on Ciputra Artpreneur. Previously, Raisa was took with one of e-commerce for her pre-order album and also presented in the form of Handmade' boxset.[6] She preparing a tour in major Indonesian cities, Handmade Tour which will began on August and stopping off on September.

In June 2016, Raisa was a guest star for the Grand Final of The Voice Indonesia Season 2. She sang "Cahaya Cantik Harimu". Raisa appointed as guest star at the Peabo Bryson' Live in Concert - Celebrating 40 Years of Magic in The Hall, Senayan City and sang "Beauty and the Beast" and "A Whole New World" with him.

Song lyric Could It Be COULD IT BE Raisa
Song lyric Serba Salah SERBA SALAH Raisa
Song lyric Apalah (Arti Menunggu) APALAH (ARTI MENUNGGU) Raisa
Song lyric Melangkah MELANGKAH Raisa
Song lyric Cinta Sempurna CINTA SEMPURNA Raisa
Song lyric Inginku INGINKU Raisa
Song lyric Mantan Terindah MANTAN TERINDAH Raisa
Song lyric Pemeran Utama PEMERAN UTAMA Raisa
Song lyric Teka - Teki TEKA - TEKI Raisa
Song lyric Bersinar BERSINAR Raisa
Song lyric Firasat FIRASAT Raisa
Song lyric Kali Kedua KALI KEDUA Raisa
Song lyric Let Me Be (I Do) LET ME BE (I DO) Raisa
Song lyric Jatuh Hati JATUH HATI Raisa
Song lyric Love You Longer LOVE YOU LONGER Raisa
Song lyric Sang Rembulan SANG REMBULAN Raisa
Song lyric Usai Di Sini USAI DI SINI Raisa
Song lyric Biarkanlah BIARKANLAH Raisa
Song lyric Nyawa Dan Harapan NYAWA DAN HARAPAN Raisa
Song lyric Tentang Cinta TENTANG CINTA Raisa
Song lyric Mimpi Adalah Harapan MIMPI ADALAH HARAPAN Raisa
Song lyric Anganku Anganmu ANGANKU ANGANMU Raisa
Song lyric Bahasa Kalbu BAHASA KALBU Raisa
Song lyric Bercahaya BERCAHAYA Raisa
Song lyric Bersama BERSAMA Raisa
Song lyric Bye Bye BYE BYE Raisa
Song lyric Firasat (From "Rectoverso") FIRASAT (FROM "RECTOVERSO") Raisa
Song lyric Hari Bahagia HARI BAHAGIA Raisa
Song lyric Katakan! KATAKAN! Raisa
Song lyric Kembali KEMBALI Raisa
Song lyric LDR LDR Raisa
Song lyric LDR LDR Raisa
Song lyric Lagu Untukmu LAGU UNTUKMU Raisa
Song lyric Letting You Go LETTING YOU GO Raisa
Song lyric Mimpi Adalah Harapan (A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes) MIMPI ADALAH HARAPAN (A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES) Raisa
Song lyric Mimpi Adalah Harapan Hati MIMPI ADALAH HARAPAN HATI Raisa
Song lyric My Kind of Crazy MY KIND OF CRAZY Raisa
Song lyric Percayalah feat. Afgan PERCAYALAH FEAT. AFGAN Raisa
Song lyric Pergilah PERGILAH Raisa
Song lyric Teduhnya Wanita TEDUHNYA WANITA Raisa
Song lyric Teka TEKA Raisa
Song lyric Teka Teki TEKA TEKI Raisa
Song lyric Teristimewa TERISTIMEWA Raisa
Song lyric Terjebak Nostalgia TERJEBAK NOSTALGIA Raisa
Song lyric You YOU Raisa