The Powermetal Band Ravenheart was established by Roger (vocals and drums) in 1997.
Suitable band members were found quickly with Greg (guitar), Marco (guitar), Luca (bass) and Bea (key).

After several concerts and the fist demo CD ‘Timeless Knights’ Ravenheart worked on producing
a full-length album. During the time of recording Luca was tragically taken away from us in 2006 and the whole production was put on hold.

After some time Phil Eichenberger was selected as the new drummer and has been with us on drums until this day.

One year later Ravenheart recommenced the production of the full length album, finishing the recording by the middle of 2007. Our recording was enhanced by the assistance of great musicians like Chris Bay from Freedom Call and Cede Dupont from Symphorce as well as Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia)and Werner Schweizer from Kharma.

In autumn 2007 Greg left the band, and on guitar we now have Vik.

The first album ‘Valley of the damned’ was mixed by Tommy Newton, famous from Helloween, Gamma Ray, Freedom Call and Victory. Since April 2008 we are playing under contract with Twilight Zone Records.