realistic crew

REALISTIC CREW was founded in 2001 by Chabz and Krizo, who both began their
musical careers in alternative rock bands before making the transition to electronica at around the same time. Having worked with the cream of Hungary’s underground musicians and vocalists, they have now signed to Kitty Yo and are about to release their album ‘Overcome’. Recorded with their new members Dodi, Albert, David, Dalma and Zeek, OVERCOME is testament to the multi-faceted genre that is hip hop.
Deep melodic grooves converge to produce truly cinematic music that balances somewhere between the abstract and experimental while exploiting all instrumental and vocal possibilities. Having opened for artists such as Amon Tobin, they are in high demand as live artists, their performances being as unique as the beats they put down in the studio which are also enhanced by powerful visuals provided by their VJ team MONKEY PRESSO.

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