Ribas name. Muhammad Abbas Ridho details. Boys born in Makassar, Indonesia, January 13, 1981 had a great talent in music. Composing his own music that was brought from all over the music, poetry to song. Ribas has been exploring the music scene of East Indonesia and success in the past two years. Ribas had spawned two indie albums and one mini-album, which had hit a home run until the sales figures of 20,000 copies, although it is only circulated to a limited circle only.

Until finally the Senior A & R Director SONYBMG Indonesia Jan Djuhana interested in talent and producing albums for Ribas Ribas. Terkumpullah 10 bernuansakan pop-romantic songs in an album titled his own name, Ribas. This purple-bound albums have a single dominant titled flagship airport. A deep meaningful songs about love and harbored feelings of deep longing. Ribas expressed in different ways. Beautiful song which is a gate of Indonesian music listeners to enjoy and take in the next Ribas songs.

Song lyric Sebelah Hati SEBELAH HATI Ribas
Song lyric Kekasih Buat Kekasihku KEKASIH BUAT KEKASIHKU Ribas
Song lyric Aku Rindu Padamu AKU RINDU PADAMU Ribas
Song lyric Bandara BANDARA Ribas
Song lyric Terbang Sendiri TERBANG SENDIRI Ribas
Song lyric Bukan Lewat Lagu BUKAN LEWAT LAGU Ribas
Song lyric Seseorang Yang Lain SESEORANG YANG LAIN Ribas
Song lyric Apa Yang Cinta Lakukan APA YANG CINTA LAKUKAN Ribas
Song lyric Tak Bisa Berhenti TAK BISA BERHENTI Ribas
Song lyric Cinta Harus Memiliki CINTA HARUS MEMILIKI Ribas
Song lyric Menunggu MENUNGGU Ribas
Song lyric Langit LANGIT Ribas
Song lyric Aulia AULIA Ribas
Song lyric Lihat Apa Yang Cinta Lakukan LIHAT APA YANG CINTA LAKUKAN Ribas