Nasty, atmospheric, bouncy and dark are a mixed bag of adjectives used to describe the music of ROKSONIX, two 25 year olds from Milton Keynes fresh on the DUBSTEP scene. They have a broad sound and listening to their music it is clear they are influenced by many genres of music. However new sounds from the boy’s are getting grottier with tracks pumped full of Relentless Raspy Basslines and Massive Slapping Drums quenching the thirst of all you dubheads.

Originally a bassist and a guitarist in a band ROKSONIX have a passion for both the bottom end and top end of the frequency range, engineering Big Subs and Screaming Trebles. Support from local talent such as DEFINE(infraction) big guns in the game DOCTOR P & FLUX PAVILLION (circus) and TROLLEY SNATCHA (dub police) are showing support for this up and coming act.

ROKSONIX’s remix of Imogen Heap's "Hide & Seek" has been causing a stir with some of the big players in the Dubstep Scene and has had an amazing following smashed out on dance floors up and down the UK. Dubheads look out for new Sonic Smashin’ releases from ROKSONIX.