Sajama Cut

Sajama Cut is a rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia, known for their dynamic change of musical styles, which ranges from baroque, noise, ambient, indie rock, lo-fi, and electronica, amongst others.

Sajama Cut is Marcel Thee (vocals, guitars, various instruments), Dion Panlima Reza (guitars, vocals, percussion, synths), Randy Apriza Akbar (bass, vocals), and Hans Citra Patria (percussion, synths). They formed in 2001. In March 2011, Sajama Cut announced that Andreas Humala (keyboards, synths, samplers, vocals) had left the band due to personal reasons.

Sajama Cut have released four albums, along with numerous compilations, most notably the JKT:SKRG (Jakarta Now!) compilation, and had a major radio hit when their single "Less Afraid" appeared on the major motion picture Janji Joni , in which the song, in a rare occurrence; could be heard almost in its entirety two times during the movie.

Videos for the singles Fallen Japanese and Alibi are also staples in both local TV channels in South-East Asia, and commercial channels, such as MTV, O-Channel, and STV.

Sajama Cut released their first indie album Apologia (2002) to praise from the indie community and media in Indonesia. Earning a 90% raiting in the influential Indonesian independent magazine Deathrockstar. The album also received critical praise from youth magazines such as Ripple, and Hai. This album was mostly done only by Thee and a drummer, making it more of a solo-oriented album than a complete band product.

The band released their second album, the semi-concept LP The Osaka Journals in 2005, with distribution help from the major label Universal Music Indonesia. With their name now more widely known amongst the music community, the band released 2 singles (and 2 videos) for "Fallen Japanese", "and Alibi".

The album The Osaka Journals received an even larger critical acclaim in the media, including MTV Trax Magazine, Rolling Stone Indonesia, and eventually making it as “One of the best (local and international) albums of the 2000 decade” in a list by The Jakarta Globe in 2009

In 2006, Sajama Cut also contributed 4 songs to another motion picture "Foto, Kotak, Jendela".

In June 2008, L’Internationale; a remix album collecting songs from The Osaka Journals with remixes from international producers was released. Those involved, includes producers/musicians/video directors from Japan, America, Britain, Indonesia, Norway, Italy, Scotland, Portugal, Germany, Venezuela, Hong Kong, etc.

The first single was a remix of Nemesis/Murder from the international 8-bit artist YMCK, from Tokyo, Japan. Three videos by international directors, including Raquel Meyers from Madrid, Hikori Kisogi from Tokyo, and David Horvitz (who documents Brooklyn art-rockers Xiu Xiu) will also be included in the CD.

Sajama Cut's third album "Manimal" was released in 2010. After releasing the critically acclaimed album Manimal five years ago, Sajama Cut returns with Hobgoblin, their new album of 11 songs which re-establishes their place as one of the country's most artistically ambitious bands.

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