Maa da Laadla' singer Master Salim, who has drawn comparisons with sufi sensation Kailash Kher, believes that he is "more fresh and original" than the latter.

Although he praised Kher's attempts at songs like, 'Teri Diwani' and 'Allah Ke Bande', Salim says that Kher's has mostly sung the famous works of legends Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and other sufi singers which makes him "repetitive".

"Singing is a tough job. I feel that sometimes Kher fails to touch some specific notes." Salim was in the city to promote his latest album 'Teri Sajni'. Talking about his stint with Bollywood, Salim said he was encouraged by none other than singer-composer Shankar Mahadevan. A self confessed, "God’s favourite child," Salim had a story behind his first step to success in the music industry.

"I was singing at a jagaran in Jalandhar and Shankarjee luckily saw its telecast on TV. Before I knew, I got a call from him the next morning offering me to sing, 'Dil Da Maamla' from 'Hey Baby'," Salim said. Salim has sung some famous Bollywood numbers like Maa da ladla' from 'Dostana', 'Dil Da Maamla Hai Dilbar' from 'Hey Baby', and the title track of 'Tashan'. However, he insists that his forte is Sufi music.

If all goes well the singer may also act in a Bollywood film as well depicting, a singer's struggle to fame. When asked if he is trying to keep up with the trend of singers turning into actors, he said, "My film would be different one and not like some Himesh Reshamiya's movie." He says there is also the possibility of singing with the legend Lata Mangeskar in his upcoming film.

"Nothing is fixed yet but given an opportunity I would do anything to sing with Latajee," he says. Salim, whose original name is Salim Sahzada, claims to be son of the soil but his dreams are to make it big in Hollywood one day. The singer aspires to take Indian Sufi music at a global platform and work with Hollywood artist Michael Brooke. His key singing projects include Sunny Deol's 'Right or Wrong', Ajay Devgan starrer 'Toonpur Ka Superhero'.

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