“scrubb” is the combination of two former music lovers “Muey” (Thawachpon) and “Ball” (Torpong). They mentioned that their songs were come out of everything around them and their lifestyle. It’s easy to understand, nothing complicated which like the name of the band “scrubb”. It is just a normal function of voice recorder that they’re both used when they’re working on underground project. But in this general name, there something familiar was hiding behind them. Just like most of their songs.

Band Member

Thawachpol Wongboonsiri (Muey) / Vocal
Torpong Chantabuppha (Ball) / Guitar


As they’re both Silapakorn University alumni and they’re both love music, It is the reason that bring “Muey” and “Ball” together as members of University International Music Group. They both have opportunity to create their songs together and try to sell them as underground album.They’re shared parts of responsibilities. “Muey” was working on Lyrics and lead vocal, while “Ball” was working on the rhythmatic part. They’re called it “scrubb”

“scrubb” was began more clarify when their single “Shoo…beedoo…beedub” famous among 104.5 Fat Radio audiences and added with anothersingle “Roang Rien” which was part of “A Day Record Part 1” project by A Day Magazine. The Magazine has selected the songs from lot of Indy new faces in order to make this album. That’s made their work more interesting and lead their way to be the forth artist of “Black Sheep” Label (Sony BMG Music Entertainment). After a while, they’ve launched their first on ground album “sss..s..s” in the year 2003 which working with Season Awards best producer of the year “Fhun” (Komol Boonpienpol)

Because of Brit Pop style and unique details, it made the album “sss..s..s” became a beautiful success. Moreover when the song “Took Yarng” was requested by the listener repeatedly, it brought “scrubb” to the top and gain so many awards. By request of their fans, they came back with their second album “Club” 2 years after which also got warm accepted as usual.

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