Shahin Najafi

Shahin Najafi (Persian: شاهین نجفی) (born in 1980 in Bandar-e Anzali, Iran) is an Iranian musician, poet and singer currently residing in Germany. He began his music career in Iran before emigrating to Germany in 2005.

Najafi's songs cover a range of themes, such as theocracy, poverty, sexism, censorship, child labour, execution and drug addiction. He strives to use poetic, literary, philosophical and political elements in his music.

Early years
Najafi was born in 1980 in Bandar-e Anzali in Gilan Province of Iran. He studied sociology in university, but failed to obtain a degree after expressing a desire to learn sociology from within society rather than a classroom. Originally working as a poet in Iran, he was also trained in both classical and Flamenco style guitars. He also began working with several underground music groups in Iran.

Cooperation with Tapesh 2012
He was head of a underground music band in Iran before his immigration to Germany but he was banned for singing in Iran by the Iranian government after his second music show. He was also the head of Inan music band in Germany. Then he joined to Tapesh 2012 music band. Tapesh 2012 were welcomed by Persian broadcasters and the international media by political and social songs and poems of Shahin Najafi.

Shahin Najafi ended cooperation with Tapesh 2012 music band from the beginning of 2009. Variety of reasons has been proposed related to his separation from this group. The main reason is releasing without permission "Around us" single song in Voice of America TV. The supervisor of Tapesh 2012 later apologized to Shahin Najafi and said: the song has been inadvertently released in Voice of America TV. Shahin Najafi has accepted the apology.

Antikarisma music band
He formed a new rock band as Antikarisma band in January 2010. The new band, Antikarisma, consists of Shahin Najafi, Babak Khazaei, Armin Mostaed, and Pejman Afshari who live in Germany. The new band is another demonstration of Najafi's continuous innovation in music.

Contents of music
Najafi's songs are a mixture of protests against religious governments, poverty, sexism, censorship, Lying , Child Labor, Child Executions and drug addiction. The song The Power Of Students In Iran focuses on harassment encountered by progressive students in Iran, while We Are Not Men is a response to the government's attempts to suppress the burgeoning movement to secure equal rights for women.

Political and social activities
Shahin Najafi addition to individual work in his concerts and Campaign songs had many performance on various political and social occasions. In October 2008, he had a music show on "Peace Conference" in Germany. In August 2009, with some poets and writers in shows of Night of solidarity with the liberal struggle , shahin najafi had a protest hip hop show in stockholm, sweden. In December 2009, coincided with Student Day in iran, Shahin najafi with ziba shirazi had a protest music show in Georgetown University, Washington. He also released an article in his official blog and by a symbolic action announced: "I don't cut my hair until the time of freedom establishment in iran"

Collaboration albums: * We are Iran* From Tehran to Berlin* We are not Men

*Palange Zakhmi (ft. Amir Azimi)
*Sane (ft. Navid Zardi)
*Shaere Tamam Shode
*Vaghti ke
*Vaghti Khoda Khabe
*To Azat Badam Miad
*Enkar (ft. Antikarizma)
*Esmesho Taghdir Nazar
*Hazioon (ft. Majid Kazemi)
*Ham Ghafas
*Bardar bar Daar (ft. Shahoo)
*Man Khar am
*Bega Mega
*Istadeh mordan
*Tu Halgham
Studio albums: * Illusion *Sale Khoon *None None None

Song lyric Akharin Booseh AKHARIN BOOSEH Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Aureliano AURELIANO Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Baed Az To BAED AZ TO Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Bawaasir BAWAASIR Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Bia BIA Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Fou FOU Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Hack HACK Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Hamoon HAMOON Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Hazrate Naan HAZRATE NAAN Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Ingooneh INGOONEH Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Khali KHALI Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Mahramaneh MAHRAMANEH Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Mammad Nobari MAMMAD NOBARI Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Momayez Sefr MOMAYEZ SEFR Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Nagahan NAGAHAN Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Nagoftamat Naro NAGOFTAMAT NARO Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Ninoush NINOUSH Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Nooshoo Ray NOOSHOO RAY Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Radikal RADIKAL Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Ranandegi dar Masti RANANDEGI DAR MASTI Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Salam SALAM Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Shivan SHIVAN Shahin Najafi
Song lyric Tabib TABIB Shahin Najafi