Shahram Shabpareh

Shahram Shabpareh is an Iranian pop singer. He started his career as a drum player in early 60s when he was only 13. In mid 60s at age of 17 he formed a band of his own named "Rebells".
Shahram had the chance to feature young Ebi (Ebrahim Hamedi) and Siavash Ghomeishi (Two Famous Iranian Rock and pop stars) by now as the members of Rebells back in 60s. Later on eventually he had become a well known solo singer by early 70s.
After the Islamic revolution in 1978, Shahram who had migrated to California a few years earlier, did not have the opportunity to return to his homeland since music was forbidden by the new Islamic regime. Since then, he has been living in the United States in some sort of exile. Still after 40 years of his career, he is one the most popular artists in the Iranian society.
Besides the unique style of his music Shahram has contributed a lot to the Iranian pop music by promoting many young talented artists which are very popular by now such as Siavash Shams and Andy Madadian.
Shahram played a key role in the Persian pop music since he shifted the Persian dance music to a new era.
One of his famous songs is "Parya". Sharam was worked by many artist such as Ebi, Leila Forouhar and Googoosh.
Shahram had the chance to cast in couple of Movies which was showing the young Iranian generation back in Iran during 70s before the Islamic revolution. After the revolution, he started his own TV show in different Persian media companies broadcasting from LA. His show named as "Diyar", meaning homeland in Persian, is still going on. He also is known as the best drum player among Iranians.

Song lyric Shagerde Aval SHAGERDE AVAL Shahram Shabpareh
Song lyric Vay Vay VAY VAY Shahram Shabpareh