shawn harris

The music of Shawn Harris is fresh, with a unique blend of spiritual flavor.
His voice carries you to an unknown atmosphere and the music, all written by
Harris himself, paint brushes his vision with spirituality and utter
forgiveness. Harris is a man that has been broken and put back together
again through faith and perseverance. “Memories chain my soul,” Harris
recites in “Memories,” as he discovers that through his past experiences,
strength can be found. The driving acoustic guitar creates perfect timing
with Harris’ voice, echoing a very eerie yet uplifting vibe that will make
you question what you’re feeling. The music often mimics Harris’ voice, but
suddenly will take on a new Middle Eastern tone. Songs such as “Fallen From
Grace” and “Keeping Hope Alive” are short in theory but manage to get their
message across in minutes. This is one of those CDs that will hit you after
the second or third listen. Listeners will find this effort an intriguing
and innovative discovery. Temptation is hard to pigeonhole into one
particular category of music because it ventures through various styles
based on Harris’ often falsetto voice and creativity of the music that’s
behind it. - Joseph Vilane
Rag Magazine