sheila landis

Sheila Landis has been a vital part of the Detroit area jazz scene since 1973, performing her unique style of vocal jazz and lending her distinctive voice to a wide variety of musical settings. She has performed in various local night spots and coffee houses, and has appeared in several jazz festivals, including the Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival and the Michigan Tastefest. Sheila has been voted seven time winner "Outstanding Jazz Vocalist" in the Detroit music awards by the Metro Times (Detroit). She sings without artifice or gimmick, and her delivery is honest and direct. Her voice is natural and unadorned. Landis approaches the music as if she's a horn player, and uses her voice to entice and enliven. She has become Detroit's secret scat diva! Sheila has been influenced by a wide variety of vocalists, from Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae and Betty Carter to Joni Mitchell and Aretha Franklin. She has absorbed these and other influences, filtered them through her own sensibility, and distilled from them her own unique sound.