Iowa native Ryan Unash, aka SHIKIMO, first found a passion for electronic music in 2010, when he was introduced to the music of Basshunter. In 2011, with the aid of his musical background – including double bass and piano – he began producing his own music using FL Studio, starting with trance, and expanding over the years into a wide variety of genres before developing his own unique blend of chill synthwave.

SHIKIMO’s main influences include Noah B, Betamaxx, and Dynatron, but he is also heavily influenced by the natural world. Space, weather, and beautiful landscapes shape the mood of SHIKIMO’s tracks, and he finds himself focusing on a particular setting when creating his sounds.

SHIKIMO has signed with seven labels internationally in his seven-year career, and has amassed hundreds of thousands of plays across all platforms. His 2018 EP, "Off-World" was named "the best synth-ambient project of the decade" by Synthwave Radio, and he looks forward to releasing much more great music in the future.