Shohreh Solati (Persian: شهره صولتی) (born Fatemeh Solati in Tehran, Iran) is a popular Iranian singer. She has had one of the most consistently active and prolific careers among contemporary, women Iranian singers. Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran, she has continued her music career in exile and achieved acclaim for her contribution to Iranian music. She has received recognition for her ability to continuously reinvent herself as well. Sometimes called the "Iranian Madonna", Shohreh also has been referred to as the "Queen of Scene", for her attention-grabbing music videos and stage presence, as well as the "Queen of Iranian Pop".

Shohreh Solati (born January 4) is a sensational Iranian singer whose fame has gained momentum over time. Solati is in exile from her country of birth. Before the Iranian Revolution, she had already acclaimed some notability.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Solati managed to increase her appeal by the release of several albums. In the new millennium, Solati continued releasing more sophisticated albums outreaching her popularity beyond the borders of Iran.

Song lyric Maloomeh MALOOMEH Shohreh
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