Shop Boyz

The Shop Boyz are an Atlanta-based rap group. They are most notable for their single title "Party Like a Rockstar" off their debut album Rockstar Mentality.

The group consists of members Demetrius "Meany" Hardin, Richard Stevens and Rasheed "Sheed" Hightower.[1] on June 19, 2007. The lead single, "Party Like a Rockstar" charted on the Billboard rap charts as well as the Hot 100 (peaking at #2 on the Charts),and has become a statement of sorts within the hip-hop community.[3] Rock versus; pop versus; rap versus accepted societal behavior are key themes of the album, and the band has quickly acquired notoriety in cynical but witty criticism of industrial mainstream music business attitudes, despite being the very model of mainstream fluff music. Despite the success of "Party Like A Rockstar", the album sold less than 200,000 copies as of August 24, 2007.

Song lyric Flexin' FLEXIN' Shop Boyz
Song lyric Party Like a Rock Star PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR Shop Boyz
Song lyric Party Like a Rockstar (radio) PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR (RADIO) Shop Boyz
Song lyric World On Fire WORLD ON FIRE Shop Boyz