shorthand phonetics

Shorthand Phonetics is the award-winning lo-fi indie rock outfit led by Ababil Ashari (vox, guitar, bass, programming). The outfit is most current release is "Cantata no. 6 (Assistants of Assistants) in Varying Keys, Op. 25 for Three Electric Guitars, One Bass Guitar, One Drum Kit, One Tenor and Additional Voices Where Appropriate" (2011), part six of an epic multi-album spanning narrative following the trials and tribulations of Hanabishi Hideaki a currently 23-year-old Japanese med-school student/novelist.

Started in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia in 2003 or 2004, Shorthand Phonetics was originally a five-piece band but the original line-up quickly disbanded because of lofty academic expectations of the majority of the members. Soldiering alone, Ababil has taken the outfit into the realm of epic concept albums, film scoring and even performance art. The outfit has ammassed 6 full-length albums, 10 EPs, 3 film scores and dozens of other releases which are for the most part available for free download on the outfit's website.

Shorthand Phonetics is a pioneer for the usage of Creative Commons licenses and netlabels in Indonesia. As the outfit was on the first Indonesian netlabel, Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records, when they released they're debut single in 2004.

Media attention started to be paid to Shorthand Phonetics in 2007 with articles in the Jakarta Post and Jakarta Globe as well as numerous webzines and blogs culminating in a Album of the Year win in 2009 for their classically influenced work "Score No. 1 (Dream:Chase) in A major, Op. 17 for Three Electric Guitars, One Bass Guitar and One Drum Kit" . This recognition encouraged Ababil to merge classical forms of music with indie-rock and emo aesthetics which bled into their newer work as evidenced by the inclusion of an overture and an impromptu in their newest album already referenced above in the first paragraph.

Shorthand Phonetics will continue to mix and match influences and record new music as long as Ababil is willing to do music.

His willingness is endless.