Siavash Ghomayshi

Siavash Ghomayshi (Persian: سیاوش قمیشی), born 1945 in Ahwaz, Iran, is an Iranian song writer, singer and music producer. He began his work in 1971 in Tehran, Iran

He started his career as a composer when he was just 14. Siavash holds a Master's degree in classical jazz from Royal Society of Arts in London, England, where he majored in pop music. He worked with some popular bands in England such as the Rebels and the Insects as a pianist and singer. When he returned to Iran at the age of 25, he started his career mainly as a composer. Ghomayshi has created numerous melodies and lyrics for famous Persian artists such as Ebi, Dariush, Sattar, Mansour, Leila Forouhar, Aref, Firoozeh and many more. Ghomayshi wrote his first song, called "Ghayeghran" ("Boatman") for Zia when he was 13. Although initially considered a composer, in the latter years of the Pahlavi regime (before the 1979 Islamic Revolution) he released his first album, and has since continued his work as a singer, composer, arranger, and lyricist. In 1972 he released his first album, Farangis, in Iran. He lived in Iran until the age of 25, then, given the uncertain status of those involved in the music business following the Islamic revolution of Iran, decided to leave the country once again to pursue his career, this time his destination was the United States. In recent years Siavash Ghomayshi has explored electronic music as well such experimentation has introduced new elements into his music and the whole Iranian pop music, He is known as the father of trance music in Iran. Among the 18 albums Ghomayshi has recorded to date, Ragbaar, Rooz-haye Bi-Khatereh (Days with No Memories), Bi Sarzamin-tar az Baad (More Homeless Than The Wind), Taak (The Vine), and last but certainly not least Yadegari ("Memento") (2011) have been among his most successful. Because of the popularity of Siavash's voice among young generation, in recent years many singers inside Iran tried to sing in the same way as he does.

Although his albums may be considered largely non-political, he expresses a longing for his home country. Ghomayshi has also had significant involvement in albums released by various musical compatriots, especially Leila Forouhar's "The Story of Yours, The Story of Mine" and Ebi's best albums "Setarehaye Sorbi (1995) and Shab-e-Niloufari (2003)", which attracted a lot of attention. His music can be considered as Persian-language pop/rock, in contrast to the vocal stylings most often associated with adult contemporary singers.

In 2011 in an interview with he stated that he does not believe in life after death, also saying that Yadegari ("Memento") (2011) would most probably be his last album, but to let his fans enjoy his music and his unique styles, he will be releasing singles.

Song lyric Ageh to beri AGEH TO BERI Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Alaki ALAKI Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Che Dardist CHE DARDIST Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Deltangi DELTANGI Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Farangis FARANGIS Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Geryeh Kon GERYEH KON Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Ghol GHOL Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Ghoroob GHOROOB Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Golo Tagarg GOLO TAGARG Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Jazireh JAZIREH Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Kalaafeh KALAAFEH Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Milad MILAD Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Neghab NEGHAB Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Pooch POOCH Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Sarnevesht SARNEVESHT Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Tardid TARDID Siavash Ghomayshi
Song lyric Tehran TEHRAN Siavash Ghomayshi