Silent Circle

Silent Circle is a 1980s Euro disco band from Germany, known for its hits "Touch In the Night", "Stop the Rain" and "Moonlight Affair". Since the early 1980s, they have been frequent visitors to charts in Germany as well as other European countries. Silent Circle has always worked with Bernd Dietrich, an acclaimed German producer and publisher who has brought the band media attention and helped to propel them and their music to success.

Around the height of the DJ Bobo's popularity in Germany became popular and with him Axel Breitung as Co-songwriter and producer, Axel also became the role of the producer for his own band Silent Circle. In the past he remixed the Italo Boot Mixes and worked with Thomas Anders (Modern Talking), Fancy and many others. With this success in the back Silent Circle released 1994 a brandnew album called "Back", which contains the smash hits "2night" and "Every move every touch". They appeared at the TV, the songs were played in the radio and a headliner tour brought the band to more than 50 cities in Germany. Both singles stayed in the top 15 of the dance charts for many weeks.

Back in 1998. Silent Circle are BACK again! After a break of more than three years! The first new single "One more night/Be my lover" will be released in Spring this year and the new album "Stories `bout love" is produced by singer and author Martin Tychsen in his own "In the gardens" studio due for a release at the end of the year. Silent Circle were continuing with their successful style and its proven mixture of dance floor and melody. Silent Circle had kept the style without forgetting current fashion. The single “Night train” is one of the best shots of their current album - now available as single-CD containing more than 35 minutes of music. The latest Smash called “I Need A Woman” - Now available!

Song lyric Stop The Rain STOP THE RAIN Silent Circle
Song lyric Anywhere Tonight ANYWHERE TONIGHT Silent Circle
Song lyric Moonlight Affair MOONLIGHT AFFAIR Silent Circle
Song lyric Stop the Rain in the Night STOP THE RAIN IN THE NIGHT Silent Circle
Song lyric Touch in the Night TOUCH IN THE NIGHT Silent Circle