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Our band was established September, 2nd 1997 inYogyakarta, Indonesia. We are currently plays hardcore musics, especially oldschool hardcore. Our First formation are : Latu (vocals), Wowok (vocals), Hendi (guitars), Soetik (bass) and Karel (drums).

In 1998, SOMETHING WRONG was participate in Yogyakarta compilation called "United Underground" with sort of band with many music genres in Yogyakarta. A couple of months after this compilation had been released, both of our vocalist resign and been replace with Kucing. Our new vocalist build new strenght into SOMETHING WRONG both in music character and the progress.

SOMETHING WRONG was influenced of foreign bands, especially New Yorks old school hardcore bands like Agnostic Front, 25'ta life, Warzone and European Hardcore like Discipline, Brightside, etc. In the other side, in case of music progress we are got lot of influence from different genres, like Oi!, metal, and punk. But we are had our own music, because we won..t assumed as posser of our idol. Since first time we formed, we always plays our song wether we also plays our favourite hardcore song from our idol.

In October 1999, we are going to records our 8 songs as demo tape. But, in March, 6th 2000 we are grieving by our drummer passed. And for memorize Karel, our demo tape that recorded in 1999 released as SOMETHING WRONG album that titled "Demo 99". Our formation in this album are: Kucing (vocals), Hendi (guitar), Soetik (bass) and Karel (drum). This album copied about 300 copies and distributed by Indie Label.

After Karel passed away, drums was replace by Seto. About 3 months after our 1st album released, in March 2003 SOMETHING WRONG back to recording studio for records their song for their 2nd album. This album titled "Get Off My Back" and released for first time in Juli 2003 by Napi Records (Bandung, West Java - IND) under indie labels.

Our 2nd album consist of 13 songs, which are 2 songs taken from "DEMO 99" albums titled "Erase All labels" and "Disaster Man Made". Both themes and lyrics in this albums still related from the 1st album, which are talked about brotherhood, music scenes, socials protest, human relation and nature and also social matters in society.

Our music in this albums have changing and a lot of progress better than our 1st album wether still in Old School hardcore lines. This moment we are affirmed that style we bring is our soul and we called our music ..YOGYAKARTA HARDCORE..!!!