speaker first


It's been a hard and long ten years journey,two full length album and a new EP, which brings Speaker First to their latest and most solid formation the quartet Mahattir Alkatiry as vocalist and bassist, the twin brothers on guitars Beni Barnady and Boni Barnaby, and Julius Anthony behind the drums.

They are back and ready to face the world with new energy and vision

MUDA DAN BERANI (YOUNG AND BOLD) is the new tagline for SPEAKER FIRST to confirm that they are still rockin’and bluesin’. After WHATEVER YOU SAY (Sony Music, 2004) and DUNIA MILIK KITA (Duta Music, 2009) they are back with MUDA DAN BERANI, a self released EP which become the new ‘beliefs’ for their community and fans called SPEAKER PEOPLE.

“The stones must keep on rolling, that's why it's called rock n roll” SPEAKER FIRST still holds firmly with this concept musically, added with a bit of southern rock style which proved their transformation into a more mature band in the terms of musicality.

MUDA DAN BERANI is a full of energy opening tracks with its dark blues meet southern rock style vocal, which is perfect to be choosed as their first singles and to define the whole theme and issue on this EP. The lyrics shouts out the social values, an anti violence youth movement which SPEAKER FIRST defines in this EP. SPEAKER FIRST transformed from a wild, ignorance, and immature character from their previous albums, into a more mature character who is become more aware of their social surrounding unrest and they speak it out loud in their songs.

Their next track DAMAI NYATA defines their musical transformation with a humanism lyrics which speaks out their uneasiness with the social unrest around them, added with sweet country style vocals by BABY ASHTERIA which completed this tracks.

HIDUPKU JALANKU speaks out their form of optimism to choose music as their way of life. The modern sounds which they offers on this tracks let us contemplating on the messages they carried out on this track.

The catchy, cozy southern sound, and light drum beats on this next track TETAP BERSAMA let us sing along with high optimism.

And finally UNTUK SEMUA is an acoustic anthemic ballad track which is suitable as the closing track on this EP. The spirit of togetherness carried out on this tracks is a solid proof of their toughness and evolutionary process.

SPEAKER FIRST is back with their transformation spirit, young and bold, MUDA DAN BERANI

Speaker First